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Create a unique hotel concept that will help your property stand out from the competition and enhance its overall sales and profitability prospects.


Service Goals

  1. To create the main idea/narrative of the hotel, which will help the property differentiate itself from the competition and determine its operating processes.

  2. To define the overall guest experience in the hotel, from accommodation to dining and wellness, with the goal of maximizing revenue from internal sales.

  3. To establish the hotel's signature elements, from marketing descriptions to aesthetics, branding, and unique services, to create a truly distinctive property.

During the process of developing the hotel concept, we will identify the overall strategy of the new property according to travel trends, while ensuring it stands out from the competition. In addition, we will jointly specify the amenities and services that the hotel should offer, in order to enhance both the guest experience and revenue from the sale of additional services (e.g. concierge services, as well as new services that we will specify).

To assist the architectural and design teams involved in the project (Architect, Interior Designer, Lighting Designer, Landscape Designer) to design in a direction that satisfies the aesthetics and desires of the owner regarding the established concept and hotel operation, the Destsetters team creates a special brief (Concept Manual) that gathers all the necessary information in such a way as to provide the partners with the basic directions to begin or carry on with their design works. 

In its first section, the Concept Manual includes the recording of the basic axes of the concept development, as well as the determination of the key differentiation points of the new hotel property. Afterward, each area and hotel ground/outlet is described separately in terms of its logic, operation, and philosophy, with the aim of enhancing the overall profit and positioning of the hotel in the tourism market.

"Hotels should not only offer sleep services but also a unique story that will make guests feel special and provide them with a set of unique experiences that will become a significant part of their entire journey."


Are you ready for a new

Hotel Concept for your property?

Send us a request for collaboration describing your needs and our Hotel Experts team will contact you shortly in order to further discuss your project.

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