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Hospitality Brand Development

Create a special & unique Hotel Concept that will help your company stand out from the competition


What we do

Destsetters' premium service for new brands and businesses that wish to enter the global hospitality market and promote their products and services to hoteliers. Destsetters specifies all the necessary steps for the brand concept development - from the main idea and narrative to the online, sales & communication strategy.  

  1. We develop the brand's main idea/narrative, that will focus on presenting the new products and services from the hoteliers' perspective, and according to the way they are used to receiving industry-related information. 

  2. We give specific recommendations on how the products will be described and presented, aiming to achieve the highest conversions from hoteliers. 

  3. We help in determining the brand's new identity - from the name to the tagline, and from the logo to the overall brand aesthetics. Our in-house graphic designers can even develop your full brand identity. 

  4. We give an initial Communication & Visualization brief, that helps the brand create high-quality promotional content and material (i.e. photoshoot and website specification, indicative communication key messages, dynamic keywords to target, etc.).

  5. We design the new brand's B2B Presentation, that will be used in all its sales tasks to global hoteliers. 

  6. We specify the initial communication strategy that will introduce the brand to the market and showcase its products in the most dynamic and direct way 

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