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Hotel Market


Develop your brand's dedicated strategy for the effective targeting of global hoteliers


What we do

Destsetters' dedicated service to existing brands, that wish to enter the global hotel and hospitality market and target hoteliers as a separate, dynamic audience. Our Hotel Experts locate your products and services that better match the needs of modern hoteliers and help you create the optimum strategy for successfully promoting them to this very dynamic market. 

Our Services

  1. We make a detailed research on your products and services, in order to locate the ones that better match the needs of modern hotels and hoteliers. 

  2. After locating the products and services for the hotel market, we help you make the necessary adjustments in order to become more comprehensive and attractive to the hoteliers.

  3. We specify and develop the dedicated point of reference for hoteliers - this can be a special section within your website or even a new micro-website exclusively for the hotel market.

  4. We give an initial Communication & Visualization brief, that helps the new brand  segment to create high-quality promotional content and material (i.e. photoshoot, indicative communication key messages, dynamic keywords to target, etc.).

  5. We design the new B2B Presentation for the dedicated services for Hoteliers, making sure to achieve a thorough and detailed presentation for all the products and services. 

  6. We specify the initial communication strategy that will introduce the brand segment to the market and showcase its products in the most dynamic and direct way 

Latest Projects

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