Hotel Concept Development is the Premium Service of Destsetters, that works smoothly with all the third parties (like Architects, Interior Designers, and Hotel Marketing Experts) involved in the development of a new accommodation property or the rebranding/renovation of an existing one. The Service’s goal is to create unique hotels with high profitability potentials, that stand out from the competition.

The contemporary travel market, offers a plethora of accommodation choices, in most parts of the world. From classic and old-fashioned hotel brands to modern hotels and resorts and from short-term accommodation to private apartment and house rentals, today’s travellers have more options than ever.

Evaluating the need of hotels to be innovative, different and stand out of the mass competition, Destsetters has launched the high-end service of Hotel Concept Development, through which the created Hotels are able to enhance their positioning in the global market and offer a unique set of experiences, found nowhere else. 


Hotel Development Stages


A successful Hotel Concept, offers to the Hotel: 

  • A clear and specific development line, which all partners (e.g. architects, designers, web developers, operation managers etc) must strictly follow.

  • The chance of being more easily spotted by the travellers, who have more reasons for visiting the Hotel.

  • A unique character that makes the property stand out from its local (and broader) competition.

  • The rare opportunity of becoming a 'destination of its own' — a place where the travellers would want to go, regardless of its geographical location.


In order to reach a complete Hotel Concept, our experts follow the below steps:


Our Team conducts an initial evaluation of the location and/or building where the hotel will be developed, documenting the main advantages and disadvantages and taking into consideration the owners/investors’ wishes and goals.
Mostly Useful for: The Hotel Owners


Specification of the main idea, around which the new concept will be developed. The main idea may derive from various factors, like the hotel’s location, the building’s history, the local culture etc.
Mostly Useful for: All Parties



Inspiration and Guidelines for the desired Design Concept that would better highlight and support the Concept. The related section is enriched with specific Inspiration Boards, presenting tangible examples of the desired result.
Mostly Useful for: Architect, Interior Designer


The new Concept’s main elements, like Name suggestions, determination of the Brand Promise, Brand Pillars & Key messages, and finalization of the ‘Concept Tagline’ that sums up the Main Idea behind the Concept.
Mostly Useful for: All Parties



Inspiration and Guidelines for the desired Brand Identity of the new property, that would better highlight and support the Concept. The related section is enriched with specific Inspiration Boards, presenting tangible examples of the desired result in Logos, colour palettes, motives etc.
Mostly Useful for: Graphic Designer


Specific recommendations regarding the property’s restaurants, from design guidelines to menu and service suggestions. Special emphasis is given on Breakfast, which is one of the most important experiences during a guest’s stay.
Mostly Useful for: F&B Manager, Chef



Guidelines to the Photographer and/or Video producer that will capture the newly developed hotel, including recommended shots examples via specific Inspiration Boards. The Visualization Brief includes also the main guidelines to the collaborating Web Developers, regarding the hotel’s official website sitemap.
Mostly Useful for: Photographer, Video Producer, Web Developers/Designers


  • Operation Tips: Throughout the various sections, our Experts provide specific tips and guidelines regarding the hotel operation and procedures, that would not only highlight the concept, but also increase the customers’ satisfaction.

  • Signature Experiences: In various sections, our Experts will also describe the Signature Experiences that the hotel guests should definitely live during their stay.
    Mostly Useful for: Operation Manager


What do the Hotels get? 



All the above strategy and steps, are concentrated in a detailed Concept Manual, where our experts analyze all the details of the already specified Concept. The Concept Manual includes a thorough analysis of all the above sections, as well as indicative Inspiration Boards that present tangible examples of all of the Destsetters suggestions and recommendations.

The Concept Manual is then handed over to the hotel’s third-party collaborators (architects, designers, operators etc), along with a detailed brief from our experts. With the Concept Manual, the collaborators have in their hands a clear and specific set of guidelines, that will help them develop their parts in the whole procedure, more easily and effectively. 


Within the various sections of the Concept Manual, the Hotel can find specific Tips & Guidelines related to the property’s Operation and procedures, that will enhance the guests’ experience and lead to positive reviews. The Operation Guidelines include, among other:

  • Tips & Recommendations for all the required services, in all departments

  • Specific guidelines and procedures for all departments

  • Advanced services that enhance the guest experience in relation to the concept

  • List of Signature Experiences that the property must create and offer to its guests

The Operation Guidelines are mostly useful for the Hotel’s General Manager. Afterwards, the Operation Guidelines can be distributed to all the department’s managers, who are in charge of training the entire staff, based on the approved procedures and services.



Due to confidentiality limitations, Destsetters is not able to publicly present its past and current portfolio. If you want to know more about our projects, you may contact us using the below form or by sending us a direct email by clicking here.


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