The contemporary travel market, offers a plethora of accommodation choices, in most parts of the world. From classic and old-fashioned hotel brands to modern hotels and resorts and from short-term accommodation to private apartment and house rentals, today’s travellers have more options than ever.

Evaluating the need of hotels to be innovative, different and stand out of the mass competition, Destsetters has launched the high-end service of Hotel Concept Development. Through this personalized service, Destsetters creates original Concepts for Hotels, that aim to position them in the global market more easily and make them offer a unique set of experiences, found nowhere else. 


A successful Hotel Concept, offers to the Hotel: 

  • A clear and specific development line, which all partners (e.g. architects, designers, web developers, operation managers etc) must strictly follow.

  • The chance of being more easily spotted by the travellers, who have more reasons for visiting the Hotel.

  • A unique character that makes the property stand out from its local (and broader) competition.

  • The rare opportunity of becoming a 'destination of its own' — a place where the travellers would want to go, regardless of its geographical location.


In order to reach a complete Hotel Concept, our experts follow the below steps:

  • Document the owners’/investors’ wishes and goals

  • Determine the general character of the new property

  • Specify the desired guest experience lines within the property

  • Work closely with the architects/designers who are in charge of the project

  • Specify the hotel’s complete brand identity (online & offline)

  • Strategically specify and supervise the official hotel photo shoot

  • Prepare the storyline for the official hotel video

  • Provide the guidelines and specify the tools and functions of the official hotel website

  • Optimize the hotel’s presence in the various OTA’s, Social Media networks, Media platforms etc.


What do the Hotels get? 



All the above strategy and prep work, is concentrated in a detailed Concept Manual, where our experts analyze all the details of the already agreed Concept. The Concept Manual includes, among others:

  • General Concept description

  • Brand Promise

  • Brand Pillars

  • Key messages

  • Analysis per Hotel section (reception, rooms, service, restaurants etc)

  • Design Concept guidelines for each area

  • Samples of desired guest reviews

The Concept Manual is then handed over to the hotel’s third-party collaborators (architects, designers, operators etc), along with a detailed brief from our experts. With the Concept Manual, the collaborators have in their hands a clear and specific set of guidelines, that will help them develop their parts in the whole procedure, more easily and effectively. 


In addition to the Concept Manual, the Hotel also receives a detailed Operations Manual. In this document, our experts present in detail all the required procedures and services that must be offered by the property, that will enhance the guests’ experience and lead to positive reviews. The Operations Manual includes, among other:

  • Detailed description of all the required services, in all departments

  • Clear and specific guidelines and procedures for all departments

  • Guest cases and recommended ways of handling each one

  • Advanced services that enhance the guest experience in relation to the concept

The Operations Manual is first handed to the Hotel’s General Manager, along with a detailed brief from our experts. Afterwards, the Operations Manual is distributed to all the department’s managers, who are in charge of training the entire staff, based on the approved procedures and services.





"A Cretan hospitality experience, inspired by local Food, Light and Freedom"



"The Urban Beach Hotel Concept"



"Living in an Authentic Cretan Neighborhood"

Heraklion, Crete, Greece | December 2017 - February 2018

This new hotel in Heraklion, Crete, is situated in one of the town’s landmark squares, very close to the renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum. The concept was inspired by three main elements:

  1. The globally famous Cretan gastronomy

  2. The pure natural light of Crete

  3. The name of the square where the hotel is located, "Πλατεία Ελευθερίας" (= Square of Freedom)

In addition to these three main elements, the design concept of the hotel was inspired by three emblematic figures of the local culture: the writer Nikos Kazantzakis, the painter El Greco and the medieval poet, Vincenzo Cornaro.

Photo Credits: Legacy Gastro Suites

Athens, Greece | January - April 2018

This is a historic hotel located in the Athenian coastline. In this case, the Concept Development procedure did not follow the regular road, since the hotel had already began a total renovation before contacting Destsetters. 

However, studying the already decided renovation designs and evaluating the hotel’s location, we ended up in a very strong Concept with a very clear message, that introduced, for the first time, the direct connection of Athens’ city centre with the beach. What we wanted to emphasize in this case, was the hotel’s urban and young philosophy, in combination with the fascinating elements of life by the beach.

For this project, Destsetters:

  • Developed the Concept & Operations Manual.

  • Specified the hotel’s initial photo shoot after the renovation.

  • Specified and supervised the official website adjustments and improvements.

  • Will specify and supervise the graphic designers during the design of the new hotel’s logo and brand identity.

Photo Credits: Poseidon Athens Hotel

Sfakia, Crete, Greece | August 2018 - ongoing

This Hotel will be located within the traditional 'chora' (= town) of Sfakia, surrounded by existing houses, churches and buildings.

The inspiration for this concept came from the property’s location, since it immediately gave us the feeling of a typical local neighborhood. What we want to showcase here, is the upgraded simplicity of staying in a traditional-style hotel, which is not 'posh' or 'design', yet creates a set of unique, authentic and unforgettable experiences. 

The guests in this hotel are expected to feel as if they are visiting an old friend’s house, where they will eat tasty casual food, meet their friends in the central square and live down-to-earth experiences that, at the end, will prove to be most valuable!

For this project, Destsetters:

  • Developed the Concept & Operations Manual.

  • Works closely with the architects in order to finalize the property’s ground plans, that need to be in-line with the concept.

  • Supervises the interior designers during the development of their design concept for the hotel.

  • Specifies the guidelines for the hotel’s logo and brand identity and supervises the selected graphic designer.

  • Gives the specifications for the hotel’s official website, as well as its initial set-up in the various OTAs, Social Media and Media platforms.

Photo Credits: InDetail Architecture