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Identify opportunities in the destination where you plan to develop your new property based on comprehensive research that will record relevant prospects.

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Service Goals

  1. To inform the investor about the precise prospects and risks that exist in the area and to educate them on a 'hotel' way of thinking that will help them make more informed decisions.

  2. To understand the true potential that a new hotel can have in the area, taking into account the reality shaped by demand and competition.

  3. To record all the necessary information that will assist in the selection of a plot of land, the determination of the typology of the new investment, and possible improvements to existing buildings.

Hotel Market Research is our new service for new entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in the Hotel Market. It is one of the most useful services of Destsetters for a future hotelier, as it directly addresses the business profitability at all levels. An extensive report including research and optimization services, which helps them make the right decision in relation to the destination and the plot on which the new hotel will be developed. This service does not replace the role of Real Estate Agents but works in addition to their specialty by analyzing hotel data.

Beginning with thorough research on supply and demand in the region or country of interest, Destsetters highlights the investment opportunities that exist in the particular area and combines the wishes of the investors, to result in a shortlist with the final destinations.

Following the above process, Destsetters analyzes the most important hotel commercial features of each destination and compares their prospects, so that the owner selects the one that presents the most favorable features and fits the profile of the investment.

At the last step, after the destination is decided and the most prevalent plots are specified, the Destsetters team participates in the final evaluation of plots as well as the further development of the project.

"With the hotel market developing more and more, a favorable plot of land is not enough to ensure the success of a new hotel. Therefore, additional research is required in relation to the existing supply and demand, as well as the trends of the global tourism market."


Are you ready for a new

Hotel Concept for your property?

Send us a request for collaboration describing your needs and our Hotel Experts team will contact you shortly in order to further discuss your project.

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