Hotel Concept


Create a special & unique Hotel Concept that will help your property stand out from the competition


"Hotels should not only offer Sleep & Services,

but a Unique Story that will make the guests feel special and that will become a significant part of their entire trip. "

What we do

Hotel Concept Development is Destsetters' most upgraded service and aims to create unique hotels, with high profit margins and proper operation, but also with recognizable features that will help them stand out from the competition.

Taking into account the location of each property as well as the special features it may have, we make sure to highlight all the obvious advantages but also turn any disadvantages into advantages, in order to achieve the optimal utilization of all spaces.

Our collaboration with each hotel begins with a research about the accommodation type it should be developed (5 *, Boutique, self-contained apartments, Villas, etc.), followed by the full specification of the new Hotel Concept, as well as the close cooperation with all third-parties involved in the hotel development procedure (Architects, Interior Designers, and Hotel Marketing Experts). Our goal is to create a unique hotel with high profitability, which will stand out from the competition in the broader area.

Our Services

  1. We develop the hotel's main idea/narrative, that will help the property differentiate from its competition and determine its operation procedures.

  2. We give alternative proposals for the use of the hotel's various spaces and facilities, aiming at better performance in terms of revenue and reputation/guest satisfaction.

  3. We create high-quality mood boards with specific proposals regarding the Design Concept of all the hotel areas (i.e. rooms, reception, swimming pool, common areas, etc.), that contribute to the faster completion of the Architectural and Design studies.

  4. We specify the Concept of all the hotel's Restaurants as well as the property's overall Food Experience (in terms of menu, operation, and presentation), aiming at the high profitability of the F&B department.

  5. We give specific proposals regarding the hotel's Wellness Facilities, such as hotel spas and beauty areas. Moreover, we specify special wellness activities, based on the hotel's premises and possibilities. 

  6. We define the Signature Experiences that customers will only be able to live here!

  7. We give an initial Communication & Visualization brief, that helps the hotel create high-quality promotional content and material (i.e. photoshoot and website specification, indicative communication key messages, dynamic keywords to target, etc.).

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