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Mossa: A new Hotel Concept in Chania, by Destsetters and Origami Design Lab

Chania welcomes a brand new Hotel Concept from Destsetters, which marks a new logical design of Hotels but also shows how the Hotel Concept Makers of Destsetters collaborated with the owners and a team of young Designers, creating an original hotel.

Hotel Design has now entered a new era, as the high competition and the operational needs of a hotel require the cooperation of many more factors, as well as a strong vision from the owner. In this context, Destsetters has launched in the last three years the Premium Hotel Concept Making service, which comes to connect the vision of the owners with the key factors of development of the accommodation, such as Architects and Designers, ensuring both the high commerciality of the new Brand and the Operational procedures.

One of the examples of this innovative service was launched this August in Chania, with Mossa Well Being Hotel being a fresh approach that proves that even a smaller hotel can stand out through its strong concept and high aesthetic design. Combining the Dance Culture of the owners, the Well Being character due to location, but also a recognizable aesthetic line, Mossa transforms into a unique Hotel with a strong identity and vision.

In this article, you will see how the team of hotel development factors, from Destsetters who undertook the strategic specification of the concept and Origami Design Lab who undertook the design of the accommodation, to George Anastasakis who took the photos, and Net22 who developed the website, helped the Mossa Well Being Hotel already gain its place in the market, being a new dynamic addition to the tourist map of Chania.

The role of Hotel Concept Making by Destsetters

Although Hotel Concept Making is not very popular in Greece, it is one of the most important services for specifying a new or under renovation Hotel. It includes, in essence, all the study and research that precedes the Architectural process, so as to give the design team a complete Brief, with all the ideas, vision, services and indicative operation, so that a complete and popular Hotel Product can be created. In Mossa, although construction had already begun, the owner approached Destsetters's team, looking for directions for the property that would make it special. The Hotel Concept Makers of Destsetters, analyzed in-depth the case of this hotel, specifying a different direction from the original, in order to highlight the vision of the owner himself, who aimed at a quality hotel that would have a story to tell.

More specifically, Destsetters highlighted the owner's experience in the field of dance, since he owns one of the most famous Dance Schools in Chania, combining it with the unique experiences that the traveler can live in the wider area - such as activities nearby beaches but also in the adjacent grove. It was from this perspective that Mossa: A Well Being Hotel was born, which means movement in Italian, accompanied by the tagline ‘well being’, which indicates the wellness activities that the visitor can enjoy, inside and outside the accommodation.

The highly aesthetic design from the Origami Design Lab

The design of a hotel is crucial, as it gives flesh and blood to the owner's vision, but also to the business model that promises the concept of the property. With the high aesthetic approach of the designers of Origami Design Lab, who implemented in the best way the idea and the hotel concept, the final result could not be but a visually recognizable hotel, which from the photos alone has competitive advantages.

The fresh look and the clever ideas of the designers, in collaboration with the owner and Hotel Concept Makers, are a unique case study, as they prove that even younger Designers can design unique hotels that will stand out in the global market.

The strong Vision of the Owner and the proper development

However strong the different partners may be, no project can be implemented without the proper coordination and cooperation of the owners. In the case of Mossa, Christos Byrakis, owner of a local dance school, had from the beginning the vision of creating a unique hotel, which above all will express himself and his family. With significant experience in Dance Schools, he conveyed from the outset to the Destsetters team the message that the Hotel should reflect his core culture and interests.

The most important element of the success of the project, was the faithful execution of all the steps by him so that the hotel that was described in the Concept Brief was actually created. Thus, the owner himself was the main coordinator of all the teams, who were constantly in touch throughout the development of the project. Even after the completion of the construction, he made sure to collaborate with high-quality partners, such as the photographer George Anastasakis and the website development company Net22, aiming to present the project in the best way in the online market.

Destsetters & Mossa Well Being Hotel

Wanting to capture the concept in the daily experience of the customer inside the hotel, Destsetters specified a specialized photoshoot in the adjacent grove and on the nearby beaches, in order to capture in unique way scenes of movement and dance in the surrounding area of the accommodation. The excellent collaboration of the Designers of the Origami Design Lab and the photographer George Anastasakis led to the production of an authentic and unique visual material, which became a key decorative element of the rooms.

Individual hotels are always the result of a creative collaboration of many partners, requiring considerable know-how and creativity. Starting with the right concept, moving on to the design, and ending with the right promotion, a hotel can stand out from the competition and manage to be more than just a business endeavor: a real dream come true!



Meet the Destsetters and create a unique Hotel Concept that will help your property stand out from the competition.

Hotel Concept Development is the most upgraded service of Destsetters that aims to create unique hotels, with high-profit opportunities and proper operation, but also with recognizable features that will help them stand out from the competition.

Considering the location of the property, the owners' desires, the competition as well as the relevant demand, we undertake the specification of the characteristics and the strategy of the project, in order to create a signature hotel that meets the needs of travelers and has real profit prospects.

Our team partners with new investors, hoteliers, consulting companies, and architectural teams, providing them with a whole hotel specification that will offer all the necessary research and hotel know-how, identifying the commercial characteristics of the new accommodation and defining the elements of its strategy, which should be reflected in the designing and concept of the property, striving to create a successful business.



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