• Destsetters Team

An Innovative hotel photography presents the new trend in the global Tourism Market

A leading hotel photographer, 10 everyday people, and an inspired hotel concept create a subversive photography that shows the new trend in the global hotel market.

It is a fact that the new trend in the global hotel market is for properties to acquire their own distinct concept so that they can stand out from the competition. So the luxurious Diles & Rinies in Tinos, having formed a special experience, chose Destsetters to create their new Concept and in collaboration with the hotel photographer Christos Drazos, created one of the most innovative photographs that reflects a unique hospitality experience.

With the new concept of Diles & Rinies talking about a Greek experience related to "Life in the Aegean Gardens", the team of Destsetters in collaboration with Christos Drazos, created a series of photos that not only describe the property but also narrate the experiences that travelers will have during their stay. The photos are exceptional and can be used in Tourism & Lifestyle Media as well as Social Media, and were grouped in special categories according to their use:

  • Signature Shots: Conceptual & landmark photos that capture the experience inside the property.

  • Storytelling Shots: Photos that describe a specific experience, ideal for creating content around it.

  • Moments: A collection photos, ideal for use on social media.

  • Food Experience: Photos from the top culinary experience at Diles & Rinies.

  • Landscape & Architecture: Photos depicting the unique place identity of the hotel.

  • Faces: The most special characters of photography, creating memorable photos.

  • Creatives: Photos ideal for graphic design use and promotional material.

  • Backstage: The pleasant atmosphere of the backstage of photography.

Backstage Photos by Dimitris Chachlas

But the secret of the success of photography is hidden - apart from the special shots and stories, in the characters themselves, since they are mainly everyday people and not professional models. More specifically, the protagonists of the photography are the employees of Destsetters themselves but also of the popular hotel startups that he created (Travel by Interest and Hotelier Academy), who became the main characters of the story.

Among the special photos that stood out are:

  • The alternative wedding scene

  • The mysterious little girl with the hat

  • The Chef in despair

  • The summer party in the main pool of the accommodation

The project "Life in the Aegean Gardens" was part of the promotion of the new service of Destsetters for the Hotel Repositioning Service that creates original hotel concepts around the world.