Zoe Athens

A Hotel with a modern design in the heart of Athens, that transforms your in-room stay into a wellness experience and introduces the city through a series of special in- & out-of-hotel activities around Urban Meditation.

What we did for this project

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

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A modern hotel in the heart of Athens, which transforms the stay of its guests into a wellness experience and recommends the city through a series of special activities inside and outside the hotel.

Project Info

Year of Project:




Destsetters Team:

  • Zenios Zeniou - Hotel Concept Maker

Design Team:

  • Architect: Mary Kavagia - +30 2106433797

  • Interior Designer: Mary Sfiraki - ATN Constructions

Project Synopsis

The new hotel in the area of Psyrri, will introduce a completely new proposal of accommodation in the center of Athens, which will revolve around the concept of Wellness, in a completely modern and harmonized shell with today's reality.

In an area that new hotels/apartment complexes pop up every day, the new property at 10 Tobazi Street, comes to present a completely modern proposal that is close to the residential logic of Airbnb-style apartments, but is part of a wider set of hotel amenities, upgraded service and original facilities that do not exist in any other nearby or non-hotel.


  • Downtown but in a quiet neighborhood

  • Visible point from Kriezis Street, which crosses all of Athens 'coming out' from the center to Piraeus Street

  • The great personal experience and passion of the owners in relation to sport and wellness


  • Ugly surroundings/neighbouring buildings

  • Uncertain long-term use of ground floor space

  • Lack of view

  • Small balconies

The greatest effort focuses on highlighting the advantages of the project in the best way and turning disadvantages into advantages through smart solutions and suggestions. The specification and promotion of unique and original facilities, will help the property not only to stand out from the competition and to be an attraction for future visitors of Athens, but to be integrated directly into the urban fabric of the city, being a proposal for both visitors and permanent residents.

Brand Pillars

  • 360º Wellness Character

  • Laid-back Design

  • Central Location

  • Outgoing & Social Mentality

  • City-life Common Spaces

  • Urban Meditation

Hotel Concept at a Glance

Photos or 3D Renders

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