The Yard Corfu

A small boutique hotel in a traditional olive grove, combines local architecture, life and activities with traditional food, creating the perfect boutique experience in Corfu!

What we did for this project

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

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For this case, our main inspiration came from the destination itself. We created a concept that revolves around relaxation in between an old olive grove, with an authentic ambience. The Yard Corfu concept promises to its guests that they will shape their most memorable holidays in Greece.

Project Info

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  • Zenios Zeniou - Hotel Concept Maker

Project Synopsis

The Yard Corfu is a new hotel in Moraitika, Corfu, which aspires to be a new, upgraded accommodation destination on the island — and not unreasonably, since it has every asset needed to truly stand out among the competition.

The property is being built within the settlement, on a spot far from the sea with now view. However, the fact that it is surrounded by an old olive grove, creates a direct connection with nature, and an introverted character that make it more interesting. This is exactly what makes The Yard Corfu stand out even at the first glance.

Our main goal is to create a complex that fits harmoniously into the surrounding area, and the buildings will look as if they were always there. Therefore, the effort to preserve as many trees as possible is of great importance, while those that will have to be removed will be transferred for planting to other parts of the island.

Traditional Corfu’s architecture, on the outside, fresh & modern design in the inside, blended seamlessly with the olive groove, complete a perfectly balanced hotel deisgn. Furthermore, having the chance to be in direct contact with nature while being able to use modern technology, the guests will live an upgraded experience of hotel service.

Given the property’s location there will be a significant effort to ensure the sustainability of the hotel, and the use of natural sources of energy. Finally, The Yard Corfu is an all-year accommodation due to its location but also its character there is no seasonal limit

Brand Pillars

  • Olive Grove

  • Architectural Blend

  • Pool-centric Experience

  • Secluded Environment

  • Mama’s Food

  • In-Garden Life

  • All-year-round operation

Signature Experiences

  • Sunday Yard Barbecues

  • Mediterranean Meditation’ Pool Concept

  • Handmade Sleeping Experience

  • Olive Grove Experience 

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