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Hotel Concept Specification & Development services for new hotel project in Corfu, Greece

A small boutique hotel in a traditional olive grove, combines local architecture, life and activities with traditional food, creating the perfect boutique experience in Corfu!

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Hotel Concept Development

What we did for this Project

When we were first involved in the project, the initial architectural studies were already completed and the relevant license for building had been acquired. After visiting the site, we realized that the hotel was going to be built within an old olive grove and the initial plans would have almost all the trees cut. 

Therefore, we advised the owners to change the plans and create a concept that will revolve around life within nature. We focused on specifying all the experiences (swimming pool, dining, wellness, relaxing) under the olive grove trees. At the same time, we recommended that the rooms should be in direct communication with the outdoor garden and the nature, and their their exterior spaces would in fact be part of the main garden. 

The owners agreed with our recommendations and we were able to develop the entire concept for this new hotel. Based on the new concept, the owners were able to create new 3D renders, that showcase how the hotel is going to look like upon its opening. 

The Hotel is scheduled for opening in May 2023 (

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