The Authentic Village

An upgraded Authentic Cretan experience within a traditional Neighborhood in Sfakia village, Crete, close to nature and filled with the local culture.

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Drawing inspiration by the destination and its culture itself, with this concept we aim to create the new point of interest in the area of Sfakia.

Project Info

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Sfakia, Crete

Destsetters Team:

  • Zenios Zeniou - Hotel Concept Maker

Project Synopsis

The main source of inspiration for this concept is the property itself, as well as, its location, that resembles an enclosed Cretan neighborhood or an internal private yard. That combined with the need to maintain the authentic sense of the destination, and the fact that the visitors of Sfakia have as their main goal to live an ultimate experience of resting and relaxation, while being close to nature, the “Authentic Cretan Yard” will be the area’s new point of interest.


The element of "Authenticity" is essential for the visitor. The destination itself has retained many of the traditional elements of its character, but the existing touristic development does not meet the required degree. Therefore, the new hotel will offer an upgraded authentic experience in every aspect — from hospitality to food.


Since it is located in one of the most traditional and virgin areas of the island, the character and presence of the Cretan element should be evident in all aspects of the property. The visitor will experience his stay at the property as an extension of his overall experience at the destination.


The essence of "neighborhood" arises from the morphology and location of the property. As it is enclosed with buildings (which will be further enhanced by the building of the hotel), it inevitably creates a central "square" (with the main reference point being the big tree), in and around which will be developed every activity of the hotel.

Brand Promise

  • Cretan Neighborhood

  • Village lifestyle

  • Local architecture

  • Simple & quick homemade food

Hotel Concept at a Glance

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