Spiritual Living Corfu

Hotel Repositioning & Brand Strategy for a small group of tourism-related companies in Corfu, Greece

Based on the island of Corfu, "Spiritual Living Corfu" is a luxurious collection of Design Villas, inspired by the strong personalities of the Ionian society, with special facilities and features.

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Hotel Repositioning

What we did for this Project

In the island of Corfu, we met a lovely family who owned a set of different businesses: two individual villas, one town apartment, one all-day bar, and one jewelery shop. Our main task was to find a way to connect all those businesses and create a unified brand. 

After spending some quality time with the owners and getting to know them better, we came up with the concept of Spiritual Living Corfu - a local brand that focuses on creating experiences that revolve around wellbeing, meditation, relaxation, and fun

After developing the concept and receiving the owners’ approval, we proceeded with the specification and supervision of a brand new photoshoot, that showcased the life & experiences in the two villas (which are the main tourism product of the brand), as well as the life in the city, which showcased the other businesses and their connection with the local experience. 

With the new photos in our hands, we were also able to specify and design the new corporate website for the brand, that will present all the businesses in a common, unified environment, and allow potential guests to dream about their holidays and experiences in Corfu!

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