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SEZIAN Boutique Homes & Villas is a modern complex in Preveza, Greece, designed to present a relaxing, home-like experience of a Local Summer House that becomes the ultimate reference point for your holidays in West Greece.

What we did for this project

  • Typology study

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

  • Branding & Implementation

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We created a relaxing experience among the lemon trees & rich gardens of the area. It is a place where the traveler can enjoy the countryside lifestyle with a luxurious touch. Modern design and sustainability were also key elements for our inspiration.

Project Info

Year of Project:



Agios Thomas, Preveza

Destsetters Team:

  • Zenios Zeniou - Concept Specification

  • Nikos S. Morantis - Strategy Consulting

  • Athina Aggelopoulou - Concept Design

Hotel Synopsis

SEZIAN Boutique Homes & Villas in Preveza is a modern complex designed to offer an upgraded experience for travellers looking for an independent luxury concept during their holidays in West Greece. Inspired by the Sustainable development of Agios Thomas, Preveza’s top-notch Suburb area, SEZIAN presents a hybrid accommodation idea, that offers fully equipped homes with luxury hotel services, giving to its guests the opportunity to customize their experience and feel like locals who enjoy holidays at a contemporary countryside home.

All the hotel’s Houses, Villas, Maisonettes & Apartments, have spacious interiors, smart cuisines, and outdoor dining spaces. Most of them feature also a private pool, either in secluded yards or within the iconic Lemon Garden that becomes the property’s Landmark. The hotel’s mini collection of luxury apartments offers panoramic views in the area’s landscape, while the Penthouse features stunning facilities like the terrace pool and the BBQ.

Resembling a luxury hotel, the SEZIAN Welcome Lounge becomes an all-day concierge spot with selected things to do in West Greece, while the Pool & Bar and the Backyard Barbecue facilities become the perfect meeting spot for all residents, that give them a glimpse of the gastronomic culture of the property. For those who like to keep fit, SEZIAN’s dedicated Wellness Area, that includes a Modern Gym and a Secret Garden Massage facility, upgrades the wellness concept of the property creating a rejuvenating experience.

Last but not least, the property’s excellent location, just a few meters from the picturesque fishing port of Agios Thomas, a short drive to Preveza, and just 20 mins drive from the best beaches in the area, makes it an ideal spot for holidays, that allows its guests to combine the seaside feeling and the vivid marine attitude of the city, with the everyday beach-life of the broader area as well as the comfort of staying at a countryside home with all the amenities and facilities that transform it to a Place of Relaxation, Calmness and Happiness.

Sources of Inspiration

  • The Local Sustainability

  • The Suburb Attitude

  • The Multicultural References

  • The Marine Lifestyle

Hotel Grounds

  • The Welcome Lounge

  • The Pool & Bar 

  • The Backyard Barbecue

  • The Wellness Area

  • The Laundry 

  • The Playground Field

Room Types

  • Landscape Apartment with Private Balcony

  • Landscape Penthouse with Private Pool

  • Lemon Garden Maisonette with Private Pool

  • Lemon Garden Villa with Private Pool

  • Secluded Yard Villa with Private Pool

Signature Experiences

  • The marine Barbecue

  • The Secret Garden Massage

  • The Secret Garden Massage

  • The Lemon Gastronomy

  • The Fruit  Picking

Hotel Concept at a Glance

Photos or 3D Renders

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