Mossa Wellbeing Hotel

A hybrid hotel concept that blends the feeling of independent stay with upgraded hotel facilities, with dancing and wellness being key elements to the overall experience.

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  • Design & Operational Briefs

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Respecting the owner's long professional involvement with dancing, we created a concept that emphasizes the dance culture, but also, revolves around wellness in general, motivating the guests to enjoy the local nature.

Project Info

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Chania, Crete


Project Synopsis

Μossa is a new hotel in the area of Agioi Apostoloi, Chania,  located in an excellent spot with a lot of advantages. The fact that it is close to three excellent beaches,as well as a grove that is around the property, create a unique character that makes it stand out. Also, given the fact  that the residents of this area take advantage of the natural environment for physical activity and activities,led us to a reasonable interconnection of the overall customer experience with wellness and the various activities one can do in the area (swimming, running, cycling, outdoor yoga,gymnastics in the forest, etc.).

However a very important key element of the hotel’s character, is the owner’s  long professional involvement with dancing. For that reason, the essence of dancing is met throughout every aspect of the property.

On the operational side, the building itself, according to the owner’s wishes showcases a hybrid character of semi-autonomous accommodation. In other words, guests feel that they live in 'autonomous' apartments, while at the same time they share facilities, such as the shared swimming pool, beach bar/restaurant, gym and ballroom, and so on.

Given these facts, we created a concept that is aimed to showcase and emphasize the dance culture which is the main characteristic of the property. Additionally, we wanted to include the variety of the activities as well that can take place in the local natural environment. 

As far as the design is concerned, it is a very fresh and modern building, with distinct retro style decorative influences– that also represent the style and era that is, without a doubt, related to the dance culture. Finally, the room decoration includes photos that were taken for Mossa exclusively, with dancing in nature as the main subject.

Brand Pillars

  • Profound Dance Culture in all hotel aspects

  • Nearby bays and beaches

  • Neighboring forest

  • Indoor & Outdoor physical activities

  • Retro-inspired Design

  • Close location to Chania town

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