Mossa Wellbeing Hotel

Hotel Concept Specification & Development services for a new hotel in Chania, Crete

A hybrid hotel approach that combines the feeling of independent accommodation with upgraded hotel facilities and emphasizes the experience of dancing and wellness, through a selection of physical activities inside the hotel or in the neighboring forest and beach.

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Chania, Crete

Hotel Concept Development

What we did for this Project

When the owner of this small hotel in Chania approached us, he had already completed the main building’s construction, as well as all the designs and mockups were finished. However, after examining the hotel’s location and overall potential, we advised the owner to pause the construction and re-think the whole project, based on the new concept we had developed and presented. 

Luckily, the owner understood what we were recommending, and, in collaboration with a very inspired and efficient design office in Chania, Crete, has managed to complete and operate his new hotel, named Mossa, with a concept that revolves around dance (as the hotelier owns one of the city’s most well-known dance school), wellbeing, nature, and physical activities. 

The main inspiration for this concept was, in addition to the owner’s dance background, the very location of the property, which is set very close to the beach, and has a small park right in front of it. 

Mossa Wellbeing Hotel operates since Summer 2020 and you can visit its website here:

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