Klima Hotel

An Eco Hotel in the heart of Athens, that highlights the sustainable development of an Athenian neighborhood, and provides a set of experiences inspired by the background of its Greek/French owners, through design, food, and art.

What we did for this project

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

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For this project our purpose, was to create the perfect “Klima”, for the visitors, while honoring the Greek/French owners, their taste, and their eco conscious mentality.

Project Info

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Destsetters Team:

  • Nikos S.Morantis - Hotel Strategy Specialist

Project Synopsis

Taking into consideration the owners’ personal and professional background & philosophy, the new hotel in the area of Metaxourgeio, Athens, is being specified as a contemporary Eco-friendly hospitality project that will bring to the front line the great topic of hotel sustainability, within a setting that will combine the Greek & French cultures — and particularly the way that the French culture has influenced Greece over the years. The goal is to provide a solid and modern experience within an Eco shell, that is not pretentious, and that aims to reflect the future in hospitality but also in residential architecture.

The hotel’s Eco character will determine its operation on many levels. The goal will be to create a self-efficient property, that will consume the minimum possible energy — without minimizing, at any time, the hotel’s overall fresh and modern character. From solar panels on the rooftop to water recycling and smart ways to save cost and resources, the hotel will use its sustainable character in all its communication strategy, emphasizing the fact that it’s the first truly Eco and fully sustainable hotel in Athens.

Regarding the Design, as we have two separate and completely different buildings to work with, we must make sure to find the elements that will blend them together and create a solid result. The main building will be designed to reflect the modern character of a city hotel, with clear influences from France design heritage applied in Greek houses of previous decades. On the other side, the small opposite building will retain its traditional Greek character and architecture, highlighting the Greek experience even more in its open backyard with the main swimming pool. In all areas, the design will focus on creating special ‘micro-climates’, that will host all the specified experiences.

The Decoration will harmonically blend elements from Greece and France, particularly in the fields of gastronomy, decoration, and events. All around the hotel, the customer will experience a ‘green’ environment, since all spaces will be dominated by plants: on the floor, on the various surfaces, on the walls (vertical gardens), and even hanging from the ceiling. A strong reference point in all spaces will be the various flooring materials, which will make each space and area different and unique. Finally, the hotel will be decorated with works of art by Greek and French artists, that were inspired by each other’s countries.

Given the fact that Athens is filled with hotel roof tops, as well as the fact that the building does not offer the best view to the Acropolis, we do not recommend the development of a roof garden on the main building. On the contrary, we support the backyard with the pool behind the opposite building, that will create a whole new experience, not only for the hotel residents, but also for the people of Athens.

Brand Pillars

  • Eco & Sustainable Character

  • Greek & French Culture blend

  • Mix of New & Old architecture

  • City Backyard Pool Experience

  • Franco-Grec Gastronomy

  • Plant & Green domination

Signature Experiences

  • Backyard Green Experience

  • Eco Hotel Walk-through

  • Handmade Sleeping Experience

  • Franco-Grec Events

Hotel Concept at a Glance

Photos or 3D Renders

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