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Hidden Alleys

Το Hidden Alleys είναι μια ολοκαίνουργια ιδέα για διαμονή στην ευρύτερη περιοχή των Χανίων στην Κρήτη, που συστήνει έναν υβριδικό τύπο ιδιοκτησίας, ο οποίος συνδυάζει την ανεξάρτητη διαμονή με υψηλής ποιότητας ξενοδοχειακές εγκαταστάσεις και υπηρεσίες.

Τι κάναμε για αυτό το project

  • Μελέτη τυπολογίας

  • Ανάπτυξη Hotel Concept 

  • Προτάσεις Σχεδιαστικής & Λειτουργικής κατεύθυνσης (Design & Operational Briefs)

  • Branding & Implementation

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The overall philosophy balances between total privacy & serenity within Cretan nature and upgraded hotel experiences that give the option to the guests to shape their holiday itinerary just like they wish to.

Project Info

Έτος δημιουργίας Project:



Καμάρα, Κολυμβάρι, Κρήτη

Ομάδα του Destsetters:

  • Ζένιος Ζένιου - Hotel Concept Maker

Hotel Synopsis

The Hidden Alleys is a brand new accommodation concept in the broader region of Chania in Crete, that introduces a hybrid property type which combines independent

stay with high-end hotel facilities and services. The overall philosophy balances between total privacy & serenity within Cretan nature and upgraded hotel experiences that give the option to the guests to shape their holiday itinerary just like they wish to.

Guests at the Hidden Alleys can choose to stay either at a Private Villa with Pool, Garden and BBQ, or at a Cosy Cretan Home with private terrace. All accommodation

types feature fully equipped kitchens, Smart TVs and Bluetooth speakers, as well as other facilities like workspaces, dining areas etc, that guarantee total independence

and privacy for the staying guests, as well as absolute comfort for long-stay vacations in Crete. The two- or three-bedroom Villas can accommodate families, friends, or

larger groups of people traveling together, while the one- and two-bedroom Homes are ideal for Couples or smaller families with 1 child.

An integral part of The Hidden Alleys experience, is the feeling of complete privacy and serenity, as well as the constant communication with the local nature, that its

ideal location ensures. Covering the slope’s highest point, a virgin and unspoilt piece of Cretan land lies within The Hidden Alleys’ premises, brining nature just a few

meters from the guests’ doorsteps! In addition to the gorge that passes right behind the hotel, this unspoilt piece of land gives many options for hiking, trekking, bird

watching, or even outdoor yoga, meditation, and private training. The Hotel Concierge has specified a series of outdoor activities and experiences, however the

Guests are always free to become their own Cretan Explorers! Respecting its privileged location, The Hidden Alleys give also great emphasis on providing a hotel experience

that fully respects the island’s natural resources and environment. Adding to its sustainable mentality, the hotel makes use of all forms of renewable energy, while

supporting the local community and residents in any way possible.

Maintaining a high-end hotel character, The Hidden Alleys feature a series of common-use facilities, that can upgrade the staying experience even more and resemble

holidays at a true Cretan resort. At the lower levels of the slope where the hotel is built, guests can find a Reception/Lobby area with a small Shop that can provide all the necessary items during their stay, the Hotel’s Garden Pool, which is an ideal spot for socializing, as well as the Hotel’s Cave Restaurant, where they can choose to enjoy an

exciting local gastronomic experience, upon request, or even organize a small-scale event. Last but not least, the Hotel’s Waterfall Spa & Gym features indoor and outdoor

wellness spaces, where guests can workout, enjoy a hammam/sauna session, as well as unique Waterfall Massages next to the artificial waterfall. This whole common-use area, is designed in a way that reproduces the surrounding nature — hence the elements of local trees, herbs, and plants, as well as the concept of the waterfall, that

brings the experience of a Cretan gorge within the hotel premises.

In addition to the facilities, The Hidden Alleys offer a series of luxury Hotel Services, such as Breakfast, daily Housekeeping, Maid Services (laundry, dry cleaning), Nanny,

and a highly-expertized Concierge that can be accessed 24/7 via popular texting applications (such as WhatsApp) or via the in-room Tablets found in each Villa or Home.

Sources of Inspiration

  • The Uniqueness of The Gorge

  • The Local Architecture

  • The Constant Contact With The Nature

  • The Philosophy of Absolute Calm and Privacy

Hotel Grounds

  • The Garden Pool

  • The Garden Pool 

  • The Cave Restaurant

  • The Vegetable Garden

  • The Waterfall Massage Area 

  • The Hidden Gym

Room Types

  • One Bedroom Homes

  • Two Bedroom Homes

  • Three Bedroom Villas

  • Four Bedroom Villas

Signature Experiences

  • The Nature Sit Spots

  • The Chef’s Table Experience

  • The Waterfall Massage

  • The BBQ Nights

Hotel Concept at a Glance

Photos or 3D Renders

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