Greco's House

Hotel Concept Specification & Development services for a new hotel in Crete

Inspired by influential figures of Cretan culture, the writer Nikos Kazantzakis, the painter Doinikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco), the musician Nikos Xylouris but also the medieval poet Vicenzo Cornaro, Greco's House becomes the refernce point of the Cretan capital.

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Hotel Concept Development

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Specialized study based on the property / plot and its special characteristics, the specific point where it is located, the closer and wider competition, but also the needs of the market in close and longer radius. Through the study, different proposals emerged regarding the direction that the accommodation should follow.


During this process, the Hotel Concept Manual was developed, through which the overall strategy of the new property was determined according to the travel trends, while at the same time taking care to stand out from the competition. The central idea of the concept was given, as well as Naming proposals, the Concept Tagline, the Brand Promise, the Brand Pillars, the main Traveler Personas but also the central targeting Keywords.

At the same time, the parts of the F&B Concept and the Wellness Concept were described in detail, while the specification of the new technologies that would be good to integrate the accommodation in its operation, the proposed Hotel Facilities and the Room Facilities that will enhance the customer experience within of rooms and will increase consumption, as well as Signature Experiences that will make the hotel truly unique.

Finally, a detailed description and development of the Design Concept was made, which gave the line for the overall design direction that was followed.


In order to complete the image of the new property, Destsetters undertook the specification and design of key elements of the Brand, such as the logo and the color palette.

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