Esperos Village Blue

A Legendary adults-only Resort that reflects life in a contemporary Greek village, making you a "resident" of the most upgraded holiday experience in Rhodes.

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  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

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We gave a fresh modern luxury touch to this legendary hotel by creating a unique concept, to enhance its guests experiences while entering a completely new era.

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  • Nikos S.Morantis - Hotel Strategy Specialist

Project Synopsis

Esperos Village Blue Hotel in ammoudis area of Rhodes, is a legendary hotel of the island,which is now entering a new era. Formerly known as 'Esperos Village', the hotel has now been completely renovated, creating a new accommodation proposal for Rhodes, while retaining the property’s basic features  that made it stand out for so many years.

The recent renovation has significantly upgraded the complex's infrastructure, bringing it to the fore as a modern luxury hotel. 

Nevertheless, there was a strong need to develop a specific experience concept, so that the hotel would  stand out not only because of its building renovation, but mainly because of the unique experiences it offers its visitors, that are not to be found anywhere else. 

These experiences, as well as the basic concept of the accommodation, are clearly based on its very specific characteristics, such as:

  • Its location, on a hillside in a small forest

  • The uninterrupted and impressive view of the sea, from every part of the property

  • The construction of the rooms in 'neighborhoods', adding a distinct local character

  • The highly upgraded level of the offered cuisine

  • The excellent staff who are related to the history and evolution of the hotel

Evaluating the above features, as well as looking for other dynamic elements that are found in the property that also respond to  popular searches of travelers in search engines, we have developed a unique hotel concept that fully harmonizes with Esperos Village Blue, utilizing both  its natural and artificial features, natural or artificial, in order to help it re-enter the market , both B2C level and B2B, as a fresh, upgraded and completely modern luxury hotel product.

Brand Pillars

  • Forest-like Setting

  • 180º Sea-View Location

  • Blend of Greek Architectural Styles

  • Original Greek Gastronomy

  • Luxury & Village Contrast

  • Greek Lifestyle Experiences


  • Wake up with a view

  • Eat like a local

  • Relax under the sun

  • Detox in nature

  • Experience the greek way of living

Signature Experiences

  • Cook like a Greek

  • Grow your garden

  • Outdoor activities

Hotel Concept at a Glance

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