Epoch Hotel

Right in the heart of the Old Town of Nafplio, Epoch Hotel & The Orange Shop creates a unique “hotel storytelling ambiance” infused with a modern sustainable character.

What we did for this project

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

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Respecting the owner’s wishes, we created a concept inspired by the famous local history, in a very fresh and modern way, aiming for the property to stand out among the competition.

Project Info

Year of Project:



Nafplio, Peloponnesse

Destsetters Team:

  • Zenios Zeniou - Hotel Concept Maker

Project Synopsis

The property which will be converted into a small boutique hotel is in the most central square of the city of Nafplio, Syntagma Square. Given its great location but also the small yet important disadvantages of the property (limited façade, small spaces, no shared facilities), our purpose is to create a dynamic concept that will stand out among the competition.

Considering the profile of the owner and his wishes, the concept focuses on highlighting the history and culture of the city of Nafplio, through a completely freshand modern approach. This modern accommodation presents through linear illustrations various periods and important events from its history (from the Mycenaean years to the modern history of the city), offering valuable knowledge to the visitor but in an unconventional and unexpected way. Besides the modern design approach, key decorative elements of the hotel rooms are also some vintage, black and white engravings, which become part of the concept in an harmonic way.

The general sense of design of the hotel is that of the very bright, light, and pleasant environment, which highlights all the elements we want to emphasize. Great emphasis is also placed on sustainable design, so that the property can integrate harmoniously into the city, respecting the environment, the local community, and its people.

A key feature and main facility of the new hotel is the specialized shop on the ground floor, which focuses on the sale of products related to the orange production (which is, after all, the main professional background of the owner). Epoch Boutique Hotel, located in such a central spot, is expected to draw a lot of the passers-by attention, increasing the general income of the business.

Brand Pillars

  • History Exploration through Design

  • Neo-Classic Technology approach

  • Sustainable Way of Living

  • Connection with Local Community

Room Types

  • Junior Suites

  • Double Rooms

  • Economy rooms

Signature Experiences

  • Secret Breakfast Veranda

  • Orange-based Products Delicatessen

  • Private Rooftop Reading Spot

  • Town Cycling Exploration

Hotel Concept at a Glance

Photos or 3D Renders

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