Epae Hotel

A micro beach resort in Crete’s most original part, introduces a laid-back design and mentality, and invites you to take things slowly.

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A small seaside resort in the most authentic part of Crete, presents a "relaxed" design and mentality and invites you to do things at your own pace, enjoying the high standards of the hotel and wellness activities in the surrounding area.

Project Info

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  • Nikos S.Morantis - Hotel Strategy Specialist

Project Synopsis

Located in Chora of Sfakia, just above Vrysi beach, this new hotel will be a completely fresh and differentiated proposal to stay in the area, in harmony of course with the local character of Sfakia but also the characteristics of the area’s visitors.

Sfakia is an area of incredible natural beauty and wealth, but Chora Sfakia is not properly developed yet, touristic wise. The property, will offer an upgraded accommodation proposal, without introducing a high-end luxury experience, which would be irrelevant to the character of the settlement.

The concept of this new hotel is focused on the essence of "time slows down". We are talking about a hotel in which nothing is hasty or stressful, but everything has been set out to allow travelers to fully relax and enjoy themselves.

Even though it is a small hotel  it will be characterized as micro-resort, due to its facilities:

  • Pool

  • Restaurant

  • Direct access to the beach

  • Small Gym

  • Small spa

The concept of micro refers both to the small scale that each facility will develop, and to the 'microcosm' we want to create within the property, with amenities and comforts that will offer the customer reasons to spend more time inside the hotel. Of course, in any case, the customer experience will be interconnected with the destination, while the upgraded concierge service will give visitors all the necessary information about what to do in the wider area.

The traditional Cretan architecture and the architecture of the neighboring countries of North Africa,especially Morocco, will be an inspiration for the overall design of the property. Of course, in any case the end result will be fresh and modern,despite the influences from the local culture.

Brand Pillars

  • Beach Location

  • Laid-back character

  • Long stay facilities & design

  • 180º+ Sea View

  • Pure food & drinks

  • Impressive outdoor pool area

Hotel Concept at a Glance

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