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Casa Di Pietra

Casa di Pietra is a Mykonian Boutique Hotel, inspired by the lifestyle of the local summer houses, made to offer high-quality leisure time.

What we did for this project

  • Typology study

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

  • Branding & Implementation

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We were inspired to create a concept that would combine seamlessly both sides of the Mykonian summer lifestyle. Where the local easy-going spirit, blends with luxury and the iconic Cycladic architecture, Casa di Pietra is born.

Project Info

Year of Project:


Location: Mykonos

Destsetters Team:

  • Nikos S.Morantis - Hotel Strategy Specialist

Hotel Synopsis

Located in between Mykonos Chora and the island’s most famous beaches like Elia, Super Paradise, and Kalo Livadi, Casa di Pietra is a small, Adults-Only Boutique hotel, that presents a villa-like experience that makes its guests feel like home from the first minute of their stay. Its original concept, mixes privacy with get-together habits, creating a unique ambiance for travellers who are looking to try a more easygoing aspect of the Mykonian Luxury Lifestyle.

Featuring 11 Rooms with Private Balconies or Front-Pool Verandas with Sunbeds & Umbrellas, the hotel becomes the perfect spot for couples or group of friends who want to enjoy a more intimate way of their holidays, feeling, at the same time, like real guests of a Mykonian Family. The Main Pool Living Room, the outdoor Dining Lounge, the Reception/Bar, and the DIY outdoor Kitchen and Barbecue, become landmarks of the original Hotel Experience of Casa di Pietra, as they really simulate a ‘feel like home’ atmosphere, with high hospitality and hygiene standards.

With the Mykonian lifestyle to “demand” day-long visits to beaches, fun nights out in Chora, and a good body shape, Casa di Pietra has an answer to all these needs of a modern traveller: its location is close to Chora and the most popular beaches, its vivid Reception/Bar as well as the central pool are the ideal places to start a fun night out, while the outdoor and indoor fitness spaces allow guests to achieve the balance they seek for and give a wellbeing touch to their holidays.

Last but nor least, for larger groups that travel for special occasions like family gatherings, work retreats or even small weddings, Casa di Pietra offers the option to book the entire property and convert the hotel into a unique 10-bedroom villa, ideal for people who want to share their summer experiences, yet maintain their privacy.

No matter how you choose to stay at Casa di Pietra, you should be certain that this small hotel will become your summer home in Mykonos for a Few Days!

Sources of Inspiration

  • Mykonian Landscape

  • Mykonian Luxury Houses

  • Mykonian Summer Lifestyle

  • Mykonian Food Authenticity

Hotel Grounds

  • Bar/Reception 

  • Semi-outdoor Living Room

  • Main Pool

  • Outdoor Dining Lounge

  • Indoor Fitness Space

  • Outdoor Fitness Space

  • Outdoor DIY Kitchen

  • Barbecue Area 

Room Types

  • 1 x Smart Economy Room

  • 4 x Superior Rooms with Private Veranda

  • 2 x Maisonette Rooms with Pool-Front Veranda

  • 4 x Superior Rooms with Pool-Front Veranda

Signature Experiences

  • Private Barbecue Experience

  • Breakfast on your own veranda

  • Villa Private Events

Hotel Concept at a Glance

Photos or 3D Renders

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