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Ayanni Farm Resort | Halkidiki

A high-end riverside agricultural resort in the countryside of Halkidiki, where luxury blends with authenticity in every moment of the stay.

What we did for this project

  • Typology Study

  • Concept Development

  • Operational Briefs

  • Branding & Implementation

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Hotel Synopsis

The below text is a full description of the new, under development property, giving all the details regarding the hotel's story, concept, operation, and experiences, that will provide to its guests

Staying at AYANNI is a combination of luxury, tradition, and direct contact with nature, all set in comfortable rooms with contemporary amenities. Most room types provide privacy by taking advantage of the lush vegetation, with direct access to private gardens and terraces, while the most upgraded room types also offer a private pool, adding luxury to the hotel’s retreat character. Choices range from Riverside Rooms located close to the river, Maisonette style suites, Stable Suites, located at the farm's former stable with a private pool and terrace, Two-Bedroom Suites, and comfortable One Bedroom Vineyard Houses with an outdoor private pool and excellent sunset views. All rooms are equipped with the most updated hotel technologies, while sustainable operating practices are adopted throughout the hotel operation.

Gastronomy has a leading role at AYANNI, with excellent quality, delicious cuisine, and a farm-to-table philosophy where the farm itself is the restaurant's main 'supplier'. The menu offers authentic dishes, inspired by the principles of locality, seasonality, and tradition. Thus, local organic vegetables and fruits, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and house-made wine take center stage on the table, accompanied by animal products from the farm, and offer the visitor the opportunity to know the goods' origin. The restaurant's location next to the stream enriches the experience with unique images of natural beauty. The private dinners with a farm-style character are a main part of the culinary experience, both in the rooms and in uniquely staged places within the forest. The overall culinary dimension is completed by the Gastro-Art Nights with also a farm-to-table menu that accompanies the cultural events, while the pool's farm-style cocktails bring the property's strong culinary character to this space as well.

The chapter 'wellness' occupies a dominant position in the overall idea as it extends throughout the structure and the offered experiences which make the property a luxurious but at the same time nature-conscious retreat. Starting with the Riverside Retreat Zone, guests can relax and rejuvenate in special spots next to the stream. Wooden platforms and pavilions made of natural materials host spa treatments, yoga, pilates, and meditation and enrich the wellness options during the stay. The wellness experiences are also provided at the beautiful Wellness Tree House — a fascinating spot on top of the trees. At the same time, various activities within the farm as well as the sports arena are also part of the wellness pillar. The indoor wellness area includes massage rooms, hammam, sauna, an indoor pool, and a gym, while the in-room facilities such as private pools and gardens and the in-room massage services complete AYANNIS’s holistic approach to well-being.

The hotel also features an in-nature-designated event space, which will host a variety of cultural events, such as theatre performances and themed cinema nights, with a combination of culinary options, along with the adjacent micro-bar that will offer a specific menu of cocktails and drinks. The swimming pool with the bar, with refreshing farm-style cocktails and light food options, will also be a point of relaxation in nature during the day.

Thus, in an environment of luxury, intimacy, and authentic type of hospitality, the modernized room options with upgraded services in the incomparable natural beauty of the countryside, will bring guests in touch with nature, authentic gastronomy, well-being, and relaxation. The ultimate goal of the AYANNI experience is the return to a more natural way of life, which is, after all, the essence of modern luxury.

Hotel Typology

The first stage of our Services, which includes the Research & the Typology Study, helped the Hotel Owners take their final decisions regarding the hotel's Typology (type of property, room types, grounds, etc) and its main Features and Facilities, aiming to increase the hotel's ADR as well as its sales potentials from its various departments and services.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Hotel Grounds

PLATANOREMA | Authentic Riverside Restaurant

AYANNI | Reception, Lobby & Organic Shop
AYANNI | Riverside Retreat & Spa
AYANNI | Pool & Bar
AYANNI | Performance & Event Space

Room Types

Riverside Rooms with Garden Access
One-Bedroom Maisonette Style Suites
Junior Stable Suites with Private Pool
Two-Bedroom Suites with Private Pool
One-Bedroom Vineyard Houses with Private Pool

Introducing a new era of farm lifestyle

Hotel Concept Development

The next stage was the development of the hotel's concept, which included the narrative as well as all the specifications of all the experience and operation elements that will make the new property stand out from its competition.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Sources of Inspiration

The success of the accommodation and its renowned restaurant due to their farm-to-table gastronomy
The family-owned and operated business that reinforces the feeling of welcoming and authentic hospitality
Tuscany's luxury agro-tourism accommodations that showcase the perfect balance between a modern stay and a connection with nature
The coexistence of humans and animals adapted to today’s conditions and directly connected with the concept of wellbeing
The growing trend of luxury tourism based on authentic experiences in alternative destinations

Signature Experiences

Gastro-Art Nights
Farmer's Routine
Forest Private Dinners

Hotel Branding & Implementation

At the final stage of the new hotel's specification, we created an initial branding as well as its indicative applications and implementations, in order to give a fuller idea of the new hospitality product.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Name Description

The hotel's official name was chosen by the ownership for two reasons. Firstly, ‘Ai-Yiannis’ is the name of the area where the hotel is located, emphasizing its connection to the surrounding landscape and local tradition. Additionally, it is the first name of the family patriarch who created the business and has been instrumental in its success, thanks to his hospitable, authentic, and communicative character. Thus, the name serves as a tribute to the place and the person who made it possible, while the hotel’s strong emotional connection to its history and its commitment to its location and heritage smoothly and effectively introduce it to the new era. The Destsetters team made a slight adjustment to the spelling of the name to improve its readability in the Latin script.

Logo Description

The logo incorporates clear and unequivocal references to the farm aspect of the property, featuring a highly stylized hen (an animal found on the estate) as its main design element. This design choice not only highlights the agro-tourism direction of the hotel's development and operation, but also provides a modern interpretation of the animal with its abstract lines and stylized approach, directly hinting to the hotel’s modern character and use of technologies that are apparent in all stages of the stay.

Finally, the three shapes positioned on the hen's head resemble a crown, symbolizing the luxurious character of the hotel that sets it apart not just in the region of Halkidiki, but across the country.

Implementation Examples

Project Partners

For the completion of the project, Destsetters collaborates with the Architectural and Design teams, in the context of the thorough application of the concept to the overall experience, the correct specification of the anticipated operational needs, and the new hotel's commercial potentials. The Architectural & Design teams are selected by the investors/project owners and play an active part in the overall decisions regarding the development of the new property.

List of Partners

To be announced

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