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Arpathea Villas

Hotel Repositioning Services for a group of villas in Karpathos.

What we did for this project

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

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Embraced by the picturesque scenery of Karpathos Island in Greece, Arpathea Villas invite you to live a luxury hotel experience during your summer holidays in Greece.

Project Info

Year of Project:




What we did for this project:

During this process, the Hotel Concept Manual was developed, through which the overall strategy of the new property was determined according to the travel trends, while at the same time taking care to stand out from the competition. The central idea of the concept was given, as well as Naming proposals, the Concept Tagline, the Brand Promise, the Brand Pillars, the main Traveler Personas but also the central targeting Keywords.

At the same time, the parts of the F&B Concept and the Wellness Concept were described in detail, while the specification of the new technologies that would be good to integrate the accommodation in its operation, the proposed Hotel Facilities and the Room Facilities that will enhance the customer experience within of rooms and will increase consumption, as well as Signature Experiences that will make the hotel truly unique.

Finally, a detailed description and development of the Design Concept was made, which gave the line for the overall design direction that was followed.


In order to complete the image of the new property, Destsetters undertook the specification and design of key elements of the Brand, such as the logo and the color palette.


Technological development of the Website according to the latest digital trends and set up of the basic tools of Google and Facebook, for better monitoring and development of re-marketing audiences and SEO Performance.


Strategic determination of the structure and organization of the content of the official website (sitemap) according to the characteristics of the company and the Targeted audience.


Specification of all the necessary types of pages of the hotel website as well as the content sections, aiming at the effective communication to the hoteliers and an efficient user experience.


vlopment as well as any additional texts that will be required, so that the SEO specifications for all sections of the website are met, in the language of their choice. Copywriting also includes the meta data of each page that has been specified, in order to target the right keywords in order to appear in the organic results, having chances for high CTR.

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