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The Yard Corfu | Corfu

A small boutique hotel in a traditional olive grove, combines local architecture, life and activities with traditional food, creating the perfect boutique experience in Corfu!

What we did for this project

  • Concept Development

  • Design & Operational Briefs

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Corfu, Ionian Islands

Year of Operation


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For this case, our main inspiration came from the destination itself. We created a concept that revolves around relaxation in between an old olive grove, with an authentic ambience. The Yard Corfu concept promises to its guests that they will shape their most memorable holidays in Greece.

Hotel Typology

The first stage of our Services, which includes the Research & the Typology Study, helped the Hotel Owners take their final decisions regarding the hotel's Typology (type of property, room types, grounds, etc) and its main Features and Facilities, aiming to increase the hotel's ADR as well as its sales potentials from its various departments and services.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Hotel Experiences

During the Hotel Concept Development process, we specified the main idea and the narrative of the new hotel, which will allow it to stand out from the competition. At the same time, we specified all the new hotel's experiences, services, and operation model, in order to help the architectural and design teams to capture all the requirements for its final design.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Hotel Branding & Implementation

In order to have a fuller image of the Concept, we have created an initial branding for the new hotel that captures its feel and essence, and which must be taken into account during the design process. At the same time, we presented a series of indicative applications and implementations of the branding, in order to convey in a more tangible way the feeling that will be exuded during the hotel's visual communication.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 6.47.59 PM.png

Name Description

Inspired by the concept of 'courtyard', the hotel invites its guests to spend their holidays outside, at the outdoor areas of their rooms as well as in the public areas of the accommodation, the layout of which creates an inner courtyard.

Logo Description

For the creation of the logo, we drew inspiration from the logos that express schematically the morphology of the buildings and the environment. So we suggested that the symbol should be inspired by the buildings and the olive grove, however, presented in a completely modern and contemporary way.

Hotel Design

For the completion of the project, Destsetters collaborates with esteemed Architectural and Design teams, in the context of the thorough application of the concept to the overall experience, the correct specification of the anticipated operational needs, and the new hotel's commercial potentials. The Architectural & Design teams are selected by the investors/project owners and play an active part in the overall decisions regarding the development of the new property.

List of Partners

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3D Renders

Available 3D Renders for the Project, appear here. 

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