Hotel Concept Development

Destsetters’ most Premium Service, which specifies dynamic Hotel Concepts for new (under development) hotels or for properties undergoing a complete renovation. The service’s main goal, is to create hotels that will stand out from their competitors and have increased profitability perspectives.

In close collaboration with selected Concept Makers, Destsetters develops a detailed brief/manual about the new concept, that helps all the third-party collaborators (Architects, Interior Designers, Marketeers etc) to better understand the property’s vision, make a better budget management, and create a final product with enhanced competitive advantages.


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Hotels should not just provide accommodation and basic services, but a Unique Story that will make the travellers feel special and consider it an integral part of their journey.


Development Stages

  • STEP 1

    In-place evaluation of the hotel building or the area to-be-built, competitor and audience analysis, and study of the destination’s most recognizable characteristics and features.

  • STEP 2

    In-depth analysis of the ownership’s goal and wishes, and specific recommendation of alternative options with high perspective.

  • STEP 3

    Determination of the new concept’s Main Idea, deriving from the intense brainstorming with the hotel’s people, as well as the collection of photo/video material and other valuable data.

  • STEP 4

    Development of the detailed and advanced Hotel Concept Brief/Manual, with clear guidelines and ideas, as well as operation and procedures specification.

  • STEP 5

    Briefing to the hotel’s owners, followed by a targeted briefing to the collaborating Architects, Interior Designers, and other involved professionals.

What’s included in the Hotel Concept Brief?

  • Suggestions for the optimum planning of the property’s spaces and areas, as well as for the creation of upgraded and high-profitability facilities and services.

  • Specification of the hotel’s main idea, around which the concept will be developed, and which will make the hotel stand out from its competitors and develop a specific operation procedure.

  • High-quality mood boards with specific recommendations regarding the hotel’s Design Concept for all areas (rooms, common spaces, pool area, reception lobby etc), that will give clear guidelines to the collaborating Architects and Interior Designers.

  • Specification of the hotel’s Restaurant(s) as well as its entire gastronomic experience, on a menu, operation, and presentation level, aiming to the F&B department’s highest profitability.

  • Specification of upgraded Wellness Facilities, such as the Hotel Spa, Beauty Salons, and other wellness-oriented features and services.

  • Signature experiences specification, which the guests will not be able to find or live anywhere else.

  • Main Communication & Visualization brief, aiming to the creation of high-quality promotional content and material (e.g. photo shooting specification, website sitemap, indicative key messages, most dynamic keywords etc).


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