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What is 


The most advanced Strategy Development Company for Hotels & Hospitality Brands.


Destsetters is the leading company in Strategy Development for Hotels & Tourism-related brands, that helps hundreds of hotels & brands to create Successful Hotels with Specified Operation Procedures and Increased Prospects for Profitability.


Our Hotel Experts work individually for each project, undertaking a limited number of hotels, in order to ensure a competitive result and a detailed briefing to the investors in relation to the decisions that need to be made regarding the progress of each project.

The main services of Destsetters regard the Development of Hotel Concepts for new investments, the Repositioning of a Hotel property for existing hotels, and the Destination Study for new professionals who want to invest in the Tourism sector.


Hotels and Villas


With significant experience from its partnership with hundreds of hotels around the world, Destsetters has launched a Premium Hotel Concept Development service. This innovative service helps hotels that are new or under development, to identify the optimum typology for their properties and develop their narrative. This will lead to the creation of original, successful, and one-of-a-kind hotel products. Focusing on enhancing guests' experience and increasing the hotel's revenue not only from room sales but also from upselling, Destsetters assures to specify a profitable and long-lasting hotel business! 


At the same time, Destsetters helps existing hotels improve their product and sales, either via its Hotel Repositioning service (addressing existing properties that undergo a complete renovation and recreation of their product), or via its Destination Investment Research (that are useful manuals on the hottest trends that each hotel could potentially target). 

Tourism and Hospitality related Companies 


Destsetters' long experience in the global tourism market, allowed us to have a direct and constant view of the modern needs of the Hotel sector. We collaborate with selected Hospitality Brands and help them to improve their services, by re-shaping and re-positioning their products and services so that they comprehend the trends of the global hospitality sector. 

In addition to partnering with brands that offer products and services for hotels, Destsetters also collaborates with B2B and B2C travel platforms, helping them develop a successful product and strategy based on the latest global travel trends.


Are you ready for a new

Hotel Concept for your property?

Send us a request for collaboration describing your needs and our Hotel Experts team will contact you shortly in order to further discuss your project.

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