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How it works

Upselling Hotel was created after the great demand from Hotels for a personalized service that would help them INCREASE their service sales (spa, restaurants, activities, car rentals etc).

It is a common fact that Hotels build excellent facilities (restaurants, spa etc), that fail to reach the revenue goals set by the hoteliers. Upselling Hotel conducts a detailed report that evaluates the current practices in each hotel (operation- and sales- wise) and recommends realistic, tangible and 100% personalized Upselling Tips for each property. 

Through a completely personalized Upselling Report, our specialized Hotel Experts document, evaluate and suggest ways in which each hotel can increase its service sales (restaurants, spa, concierge services etc) more effectively. The Report presents the overall experience within the property (as this has been recorded during the Mystery Visit) and notes the positive and negative elements and procedures followed by the property, in terms of operation and upselling techniques. Within the same context, Upselling Hotel suggests 100% personalized solutions and gives valuable tips that can efficiently improve the hotel's operation and service sales. 


The Three Stages of an Upselling Report

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Two Hotel Experts make a mystery visit at the Hotel, staying for two or three nights (depending on the property's size and needs). During their stay, the experts document their experience regarding the Hotel operation and its current additional sales strategy. 

Our Hotel Experts' significant experience from international hotels allows them to effectively spot and report the good and the bad elements of the total experience, from the average guest's point of view. The reporting comes with specific suggestions and recommendations for improving the current procedures on an operation level, aiming to increase the guests' satisfaction and thus their loyalty and in-hotel consumptions. 

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Following their visit, our Hotel Experts will compose their detailed Upselling Report about the Hotel, in which they will include:

  • Their observations, comments and improvement suggestions that result from Stage 1. 

  • Their qualified Upselling Tips, which are the personalized tips & advice for each hotel, regarding the improvement of the promotional and sales tactics of each department. Our experts will also suggest new ways or new services, that could easily lead to an increase of sales and revenue. 
    (All the Upselling Tips and suggestions are strictly developed for each hotel, based on its specific characteristics and needs. Among others, our Experts take into consideration the hotel's location, the main travellers' categories, the existing facilities and the wishes/goals of the hotel's owners or managers. 

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The Upselling Report is delivered in an electronic form, accompanied by photos and videos that showcase the main reference points and observations.

After the delivery of the report, our Experts arrange a one-to-one meeting with the Hotel representatives, during which they provide a detailed brief about the report and its content. 


Accommodation Stages

Taking into consideration all the stages of the communication with a guest, our Hotel Experts look for the best ways in which the Hotel will be able to achieve more sales from its existing clientele: 


Attracting the right, quality audience


Creating desire
& anticipation


Informing & providing motives


Creating repeating visitors & increased word of mouth


Increase your Sales per department


Restaurants & Bars

Spa & Wellness Services





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