A 100% personalized service, which helps existing hotels increase their service sales and guest experience, and develops exciting Concepts for new properties or hotels that undergo a complete renovation



  • For existing properties: Our Hotel Experts visit your hotel and conduct a detailed report that will help you enhance your service sales (spa, restaurants, concierge etc) as well as your hotel operations and guest satisfaction

  • For new properties: Upselling Hotel will develop the most original, exciting and unique concept for your Hotel, that will make it stand out from the competition and become a real success story

  • For renovating hotels: We will help you decide the right renovation for your hotel, based on a brand new concept that your property will use for its re-positioning in the global travel market



Upselling Hotel is a 100% personalized service, offered by the top professionals in the Hotelier Industry. Either for an Upselling Report or a New Hotel Concept, our experts guarantee a real advanced level of consulting, with high quality results.

The Upselling Experts:

  1. Discuss with each hotelier separately, evaluating the kind of collaboration that suits each case (Upselling Report or New Hotel Concept)
  2. Execute a mystery visit (for the upselling reports) or a property evaluation (for new hotel concepts), gathering all the necessary information
  3. Compose a detailed report analyzing the personalized strategy that will give to the hotel a full sales potential, and explain how they will be able to deliver the best possible results.
  4. Specify (or even produce) all the required content (e.g. website texts, in-hotel infographics, digital content) that is necessary for a complete upselling plan or a successful hotel concept.


  • Increase of Hotel Restaurant, Spa and Service Sales
    One of the most important needs of the modern hotelier, is the successful promotion of the various hotel departments such as restaurants, spa and services, that can increase the property's total revenue from existing reservations. In order to achieve the optimum results, the hotelier needs a series of tools, content and directions, for building a successful communication campaign that will convince travellers to purchase these extra services. Until recently, there weren't any specialized service that focused on this vital need; this major industry gap, is what Upselling Hotel comes to fill. 
  • Creation of successful Hotel Concepts with high demand
    Nowadays, travellers look for hotels that have something more to present than just a nice design. They seek for inspiring hotel stories that will make them dream of staying at a specific property. Upselling Hotel creates original Hotel Concepts that fit each hotel, making them stand out of the competition. A successful Hotel Concept leads to high quality travellers that will not only ensure high occupancies for the hotel, but can also increase its total revenue from the in-hotel service sales.




Hoteliers can request an Upselling Report, which includes the upselling evaluation and the 100% tailor made upselling tips, based on each hotel's profile and operation. The Upselling Experts deliver a detailed report to the collaborating hoteliers, explaining and presenting all the additional information that will help them follow a successful strategy plan.

The Procedure:

  • Our upselling experts will visit your hotel, experiencing your property as if they were actual visitors.
  • During their visit, they will record all the upselling potentials of your hotel during each stage of the reservation: before the booking, after the booking, during the stay and after the departure.
  • Following this, our Experts will compose and provide a detailed Evaluation Report of the current situation, with useful and practical tips for improvement. In addition to these operation-wise advice, our Experts will give the 100% personalized Upselling Tips, that aim to create a dynamic strategy plan for your Hotel that will increase its service sales.
  • As a part of their Tips, our Experts will specify (and, in certain cases, even create) the necessary content (off-line and digital) that is required for achieving the optimum Upselling results, according to the specified strategy plan.


As the Hotel Concept is one of the most important factors for success, Upselling Hotel, provides a new advanced service that develops dynamic, new hotel concepts and specifies its application in all the hotel development fields, such as the hotel branding, sales and operation. The service is tailored for new-built properties, as well as hotels that undergo a complete renovation and re-positioning.

The Procedure:

  • Our Upselling Experts will make a research about the property's basic characteristics such as size, location and competition, in order to have a clear view of the potentials.
  • They will also record the owners' preferences and goals, so that they can create a hotel product that will fit their personality and be well executed and run.
  • Having all the necessary information and feedback, our experts will then develop an original Hotel Concept that will make your hotel stand out from its competition, becoming a booking and revenue hit.
  • Finally, out Experts will specify the application of the concept to each field, like the hotel's design, the operation procedures and the brand identity, even providing the right content if necessary.


Upselling Hotel aims to become the top Hotel Consulting agency that will cover several fields of expertise, creating the most trustful organization in the hotel development market. Working as a connecting bridge between the hoteliers and the several online tools that help hotels communicate with the travellers before and after their booking, Upselling Hotel works also as an organization that can help hospitality brands develop their dedicated tools and services for hoteliers.

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