An innovative platform which presents themed Hotel Collections and helps hotels increase their direct bookings from specific niche markets, through original & impressive content



  • Travel by Interest organizes and presents the Hotels based on exciting themed Hotel Collections.

  • The platform creates original content for each property, which can be only found within These dedicated landing pages (i.e. profile pages, articles, special pages), are also directly integrated with each hotel’s official booking engine.

  • The majority of the content develops around 4 major tourism niche markets: Gay, Luxury, Food and Wellness.

  • All Hotels can request to join the platform for Free. A hotel can be featured in Travel by Interest, at no cost.

  • All hotels can integrate their official booking engine in Travel by Interest, and receive direct price checks (no commission for Travel by Interest, in case of a confirmed booking)

  • A hotel can use the specified campaigns and promotional tools to improve its visibility and positioning

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How does it work?

  • Finds travellers the moment they are searching for hotel in a specific area, and defines their travel profile based on the keywords they use during their search (e.g. gay, lesbian, gastronomy, luxury, wellness & spa).

  • Helps travellers choose the right hotel, featuring personalized information for each property, and giving hotel concierge tips based on the travellers’ interests, thus increasing the engagement.

  • Allows hoteliers to sell their property directly to the travellers through their connected booking engines in their hotel profile pages and content in, without any commissions involved.

Hoteliers are able to: 

  • Register their property in , for free.

  • Upload all the necessary hotel material (photos, facilities, description texts etc.)

  • Connect their booking engine so as the traveller to book direct with them.

  • Gain access to a customized & ready content about their hotel, which they can use for boosting their direct sales to Gay, Luxury, Gastronomy and Wellness Travellers.

  • Enable the special Hotel Campaigns so as to reach a wider audience.

In addition to the basic content, Hoteliers will be also able to have access to the subscription-based area, where they will find:

  • Advanced, ready content for promoting specific departments of their hotels, using their own hotel material and having their booking engine connected.

  • Special tools and widgets, adjusted to their hotel identity, that will help them achieve high upselling levels from their future, current and even past guests.

  • Additional, customized content-oriented services, which can be developed for their property, upon request.

  • Their detailed performance results (statistics), which include rich data like travellers reach, price check dates, travel interests analysis and geographical spread.


Which Hotelier Needs does it cover?

Travel by Interest increases the Hotel Direct Sales using targeted Hotel Content, which features the hotel’s booking engine directly connected

Technology allows hoteliers to build their own booking engines, and sell directly to the end travellers, obtaining bigger revenues.

sing the power of the targeted niche markets, Travel by Interest enhances the direct demand to the collaborating hotels, allowing them to sell directly via their integrated booking engines in their profile and special content pages within the platform, without any commissions involved.

The registered hotels gain access to personalised content like thematic Profile Pages, dedicated articles, hotel collections or other specially designed landing pages, all of which feature their booking engine connected. This way, the hotels acquire all the needed material for targeting the Gay, Luxury, Gastronomy and Wellness travellers in a more personal and direct way.

This is how Travel by Interest has managed to become one of the most trustworthy marketing and sales tools for International hoteliers, claiming a steady share from their annual marketing budget.

What is the Innovation?

Travel by Interest has managed to automate the need of hoteliers for niche market targeting, in a campaign-based service that generates results and useful marketing insights easily and with an important value for money. 

The fact that the hoteliers can connect their own booking engine to a platform with strategically specified and auto-generated content for their hotel, with high engagement and measurable results and select the level of exposure, gives them a great marketing tool to succeed their goal for the increase of their direct sales.

At the same time, the created content becomes a strong decision-making tool for the travellers, which helps them plan their trips better and find the lowest available prices.

Why do Travellers Love it?

Personalized information for the Travellers
As the provided information online grows rapidly day after day, it becomes more and more difficult for the travellers to find the exact information they are looking for, matching their personal interests and likes.

Focusing on important niche markets (Gay, Luxury, Gastronomy, Wellness), Travel by Interest generates personalized information for each travel category, helping the travelers find the right hotels and organize the best travel itineraries, according to their personal desires.

Also, by connecting the travellers directly with the hotels, Travel by Interest gives access to instant availability the really best available rates.


Who are its Competitors?


Level 1

As a Decision Making tool for travellers when searching for the perfect Hotel, the direct and main competitors of Travel by Interest are online channels like TripAdvisor and trivago - especially after the launching of advertising opportunities for the hotels by these channels. Travel by Interest’s competitive advantage, however, is the significantly close relation to the hotelier market. It works for the the hotels' benefit and their direct sales increase, contrary to the above mentioned channels, which involve big OTAs in their business models, from which the hoteliers want to be relieved. 

 Level 2

The big advertising platforms of Google and Facebook, which claim part of the hotel’s annual marketing budget, are indirect competitors of However, both these platforms require high expertise and a lot of work by Hoteliers themselves, which is not always possible. Travel by Interest, has simplified and automated the work of the hoteliers: besides the initial registration procedure, the hoteliers do not have to do anything more than follow the useful and comprehensible statistics about their hotel campaigns.

 Level 3

Online media which sell advertising space or packages to hotels, are also a possible competitor of Travel by Interest. The main disadvantage of these channels, however, is the fact that they miss the booking ability. On the contrary, Travel by Interest creates "bookable" content for the hotels, always leading to a possible request, much closer to a final conversion.



Developing high quality traffic from travellers who are planning their holidays, can become a powerful advertising channel for tourism companies or local businesses, who want to target niche travel audiences. Travel by Interest, has already launched the beta feature of 'Travel Stores', allowing local DMCs and Travel Agencies to sell tours, activities and services directly to the end travellers, providing, at the same time, more quality content and travel ideas to the Travel by Interest visitors.

Having a close collaboration with hoteliers, and being an engaging daily hotelier tool, Travel by Interest can have a great influence in the hotelier market, effectively promoting third party services. On this basis, Travel by Interest  can build profitable affiliate collaborations with third party tools which will recommend to hoteliers, for running their campaigns (e.g. Mailchimp for newsletters.) In addition, Travel by Interest  can sell smart advertising solutions to companies who want to approach hoteliers. Last but not least, local DMCs looking to sell their products and services to local hoteliers, can also become a potential revenue source.

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