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Sales & Operation Mystery Guest

Identify the areas that need improvement in both sales and operations of your property, and implement meaningful changes that aim to increase functionality and profitability.


Service Goals

  1. To identify areas that require improvement and understand their impact on the sales and operation of the property.

  2. To create tangible proposals regarding the presence of the property in sales channels as well as its internal processes.

  3. To specify the implementation of the proposals that will correct the processes and lead the property to increased sales and simplified operation.

The Destsetters team conducts a comprehensive remote audit of the hotel as well as all the channels it uses for communication and sales.

Subsequently, our hotel experts visit the property to analyze all stages of the guest's stay and record and evaluate procedures as well as staff behavior. Once the evaluation and the mystery visit are completed, the Destsetters team provides a fully detailed report regarding the channels used, stages of the stay, and hotel facilities.

The report includes tangible improvement proposals and examples that may not only upgrade the property but also educate the staff.

"With hotels being particularly complex organizations, continuous monitoring is needed both in terms of the sales setup and internal processes, in order to ensure a dynamic sales strategy and smoother operation."


Are you ready for a new

Hotel Concept for your property?

Send us a request for collaboration describing your needs and our Hotel Experts team will contact you shortly in order to further discuss your project.

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