Develop your Hotel's brand new identity and content, that will help you re-introduce it to the global market and position it as a new, upgraded product


"A renovation or a Hotel photoshoot are not enough to achieve a complete repositioning for your property. In order to re-invent your hotel and create a brand new hospitality product that you will position in the global hotel scene, a full specification and study is required, that will determine all the necessary steps and actions, according to the new strategy and philosophy"

What we do

A Hotel's Sales Content is an important part of its success, both for the end Travellers and the Travel Agents. Destsetters sets up the entire hotel Online Presence from A-Z, achieving a dynamic Repositioning for the property, in order to ensure its successful online performance and increase its total sales.

As the development of Online Hotel Content is a very demanding process, Destsetters conducts an extensive survey of the travellers' searches, in order to discover the opportunities that arise but also to record the overall travel trends and desires. We then develop all the required content according to the latest SEO trends, using a fascinating way of writing so that the property can be sold effectively. Moreover, Destsetters specifies and oversees the development of the required photographic content, combining it with texts that will increase the hotel's overall commerciality.

At the same time, we supervise the correct use of the content in all the third-party Online Hotel Channels as well as the Social Media, and we design and develop the B2B Presentations for Travel Agents, that aim to higher Conversion Rates.

Finally, our specialized team sets up the hotel's communication via Newsletters to its B2B and B2C databases, aiming to support the possibility of sales from Repeaters, and organizes the hotel's Upselling Communication which aims in the increase of sales from staying guests.

  1. We make thorough research and examine the hotel's current status and possibilities, as well as the owners' goals and perspectives. 

  2. We specify the Content Strategy that your Hotel will follow, and determine how it should be implemented in the most important online channels in order to increase Sales Conversions.

  3. We specify & supervise the new Hotel photoshoot, making sure to create images that will not only present the hotel's structure and facilities, but also the various experiences that the guests are expected to live.

  4. We develop your hotel's Online Content for all the necessary channels such as the Official Website, the Social Media Profiles, and the Third Party listings, making sure to meet the latest SEO specifications but also contribute to the hotel's dynamic sale.

  5. We identify the most powerful Keywords that travelers use during their market research for your destination and apply them to your overall accommodation strategy.

  6. We make sure that your Social Media profiles have the correct consistency per season, so as to increase the chances of new bookings and motivate your staying guests to use the various outlets of the hotel.

  7. We define a Newsletter Strategy towards the B2B and B2C audiences of your hotel, aiming to create a loyal audience of repeating guests that will further enhance the property's turnover.

  8. We support the hotel's Brand Awareness through Press Releases that enhance its positioning in the broader market and strengthen its commercial interests at all levels.

  9. We develop the property's Upselling Content in order to significantly enhance its in-hotel service sales from staying guests.

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