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Develop a new strategic concept for your property that will help it stand out from the competition, increasing sales prospects both from new reservations and internal consumption.

  1. To examine the current state and potential of the hotel, as well as the goals and desires of the owners, in order to maintain the advantages of the existing situation.

  2. To determine the new strategy that the hotel will follow, the new characteristics that it needs to acquire, and to identify how these will be applied to its typology, with small-scale changes where possible.

  3. To develop the renewed concept of the hotel, specifying the new experiences it will offer in terms of accommodation, gastronomy, and wellness.

  4. To create the improved identity of the hotel according to its new concept, ensuring the production of the new conceptual content that will be needed for its effective communication.

Service Goals

Destsetters' Concept redefining & Hotel repositioning service is one of its most powerful offerings, aimed at redefining a hotel's strategy and enhancing its profitability prospects. It focuses on properties that want to improve the traveler experience and their competitive advantages without resorting to extensive renovations, but rather corrective actions in areas such as design, experience, and services provided.

Taking into account the location and unique characteristics of the property, as well as the owners' desires, and after conducting extensive research on demand in the destination and the characteristics of the competition, we will redefine its typology, such as upgrading room types and facilities to achieve higher average selling prices, while also specifying its overall experience, aiming to shape a renewed and competitive Concept.

Once we ensure the routing of the relevant changes and upgrades, we will set up the new identity of the property, undertaking from start to finish the specification and development of the conceptual content, as well as its implementation in the main sales channels, delivering to the owners a property with increased sales dynamics and significant profitability prospects.

"The redefinition of a hotel's strategy requires not only a change in its communication policy but also a series of essential changes in its structure and operation that will lead to a new experience which will enhance its concept, helping it stand out from the competition."


Are you ready for a new

Hotel Concept for your property?

Send us a request for collaboration describing your needs and our Hotel Experts team will contact you shortly in order to further discuss your project.

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