Hotel Opportunity


​Analyze the travellers' searches and optimize your property's services & facilities


"A hotel should always search for new audiences and trends, that will help it be up-to-date and offer services and experiences that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. The goal should not be to create needs to the guests, but desires; the desire to book the hotel and try all its services and departments, from the restaurants to the spa."

What we do

​A detailed Report that focuses on traveller searches and gives you specific tips and ideas on how your hotel can improve its digital performance, its visitor satisfaction, and guest experience, increase its online bookings, and boost revenue from its Restaurants, Bars & Spa.


Hotel Opportunity Report is one of the most useful services of Destsetters for a hotel, as it directly addresses its profitability at all levels. It practically follows a complete process, which includes the research stage and the optimization stage, focusing on your hotel's Online Content and Digital Strategy, which play a significant role in its overall sales.

Our Services

  1. We identify the keywords that travellers usually look for during their market research for your destination and select the ones closest to their purchasing decision, to apply them to your overall hotel strategy.

  2. We study the Domestic and Global travel search trends, and align your property with the modern needs of the market, so as to enhance its commerciality and demand.

  3. We record the seasonality and the geographical areas of the searches, that help us set targeting priorities both in terms of time and audience.

  4. We identify exactly what your Hotel needs to do in order to optimize its Online Presence (e.g. website SEO, selling photos, content strategy) and thus enhance its online sales.

  5. We propose new ideas regarding your hotel's Facilities and Experiences, so that the property can expand its targeted audiences and create new revenue streams.

  6. We analyze all the conclusions with the Owners in order to reach the final decisions for all the actions that will take place. 

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