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Hotel Operation

Provide your hotel with the proper foundations regarding its operation, by developing SOPs for basic procedures, creating job descriptions, and setting the right basis for personnel training.


Service Goals

  1. To record all manuals (SOPs) for basic operations that are connected with the concept, in order to facilitate the property's operation.

  2. To set up job descriptions and tasks for all positions within the property, making it easier to attract the desired personnel.

  3. To organize an online library of basic training material for faster onboarding of new employees on the property.

Destsetters creates all necessary manuals for basic hotel procedures (SOPs) according to the property's concept, facilitating staff in providing the predetermined level of service.

It also specifies the job descriptions for all positions within the property, aiding in the attraction of employees who align with its philosophy. Additionally, it provides pre-opening training for staff, establishing solid foundations for the operation.

The material is set up in an online library, making it easier for the property to train new team members in the future.

"Organizing hotel operations and providing proper staff training are the most critical points for the success of a property, as beyond the beautiful design, it is the people who determine the level of satisfaction of the guests."


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