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Video: Destsetters Workshop 2021 at 100% Hotel Show | The importance of Typology Study

Nowadays, the creation of a new hotel requires (prior to the involvement of the architect and the designers’ team), the execution of a complete Research about the area and the destination, that would lead to the finalization of the Typology that the new hotel product will have. During a 60-min Workshop at 100% Hotel Show 2021, Greece’s most upgraded fair for Hoteliers, Zenios Zeniou, Hotel Concept Maker at Destsetters, presented the meaning and key-objectives of the Typology Study, as well as its importance in specifying a new or under renovation project.

The presentation analyzed the various stages of the Typology Study, which include the Owners’ Study, the Destination Study, the Research on Online Searches and Trends, the Recording and Analysis of the Competition, and the resulting Executive Summary. At the last step, and based on the conclusions of the Executive Summary, the hotel experts present their specific Proposals regarding the new property’s type and potential layout, which provide a first approach to the final hotel product.

In order to easily understand the stages of the Typology Study, the presentation included also the presentation of the real case study of Sunrise Hotel in Zante Greece, an existing property that will be repositioned with a new identity and concept.

The Typology Study focuses on helping the hotel owners to better understand the direction that their investment should follow and at the same time is a valuable tool for the project’s architects and designers, who can use the Study as a guide during their work.

The main topics of the presentation were the following:

  • What is the Typology Study?

  • Which are the Stages of the Research?

    • Owners’ Study

    • Destination Study

    • Online Searches and Trends

    • Recording and Analysis of the Competition

    • Executive Summary

    • Suggestions

  • Case Study



Meet the Destsetters and create a unique Hotel Concept that will help your property stand out from the competition.

Hotel Concept Development is the most upgraded service of Destsetters that aims to create unique hotels, with high-profit opportunities and proper operation, but also with recognizable features that will help them stand out from the competition.

Considering the location of the property, the owners' desires, the competition as well as the relevant demand, we undertake the specification of the characteristics and the strategy of the project, in order to create a signature hotel that meets the needs of travelers and has real profit prospects.

Our team partners with new investors, hoteliers, consulting companies, and architectural teams, providing them with a whole hotel specification that will offer all the necessary research and hotel know-how, identifying the commercial characteristics of the new accommodation and defining the elements of its strategy, which should be reflected in the designing and concept of the property, striving to create a successful business.



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