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Insider Tips: Which professional specialties are involved in the designing process for a new hotel?

Destsetters-Professional specialties in hotel designing process

Today, many hotels seem to be transforming from accommodation buildings into whole signature experience spaces, introducing a new reality in the hotel industry. Meanwhile, there is a new model in the investment-planning stage and network of the specialties involved, which significantly changes our perspective on hotel design.

Lately, it’s very common to hear the phrase “I’m going to build a hotel,” especially in countries such as Greece, Portugal, and Cyprus, which have a strong touristic profile. However, even in these countries, the hotel market is still far from being considered as widely developed. So, what process should a new entrepreneur follow during the development of a new hotel, and which professional specialties need to be involved to create a competitive hotel of high functionality and profitability?

Past: The hotel building process explained

In the past, when an entrepreneur decided to create a hotel business, they used to search for a construction team that would take over the whole building process.

Land Find → Construction Team

Over the coming years, the distinct role of the architect in the designing process became of significant importance. A new approach was introduced, and the process became as follows:

Real Estate Broker → Architect - Design Engineer → Construction Team for Implementation

What is the present and future of the hotel designing process?

It is a fact that today, hotels are not just accommodation buildings but, instead, a combination of accommodation and whole unique experiences that are specified and organized to serve the customers’ needs. Also, we cannot deny the fact that hotel distribution channels and competition are becoming more and more intense. For these reasons, the desire to become a hotelier with a beautiful property is not enough. However, in order to analyze and explain how the new specialties are involved in the hotel designing process in a simpler manner, we will first investigate the emerging/important needs when developing a hotel:

  1. As mentioned above, building a beautiful hotel is clearly not enough. The competition is intense, therefore, we need to conduct extensive market research on the opportunities for our new business. We need to examine what is “missing” from the local area to determine what we’re going to sell and what is the target audience to determine to whom we’re going to sell.

  2. The main goal when making the decision to be involved in a business is profit. The best way to achieve the maximum economic profit when building a hotel is to specify in advance every aspect of it, such as the in-room facilities, desired features, public spaces, room types, etc., and define its whole concept before we address the architectural team.

  3. State funding programs are also very important and should be taken into consideration when building a hotel. These subsidies are very common in countries with high prospects of tourism growth, such as Greece, and they usually define the direction of the project. For this reason, we need a professional expert who will offer the relevant guidance during the hotel design process in order to ensure the best funding with the most favorable features.

  4. Increased competition has given rise to an emerging need for differentiation, while aesthetics and materiality also play a decisive role in the hotel’s commercial success. To accomplish these, it is vital to involve an interior designer who will collaborate with the architecture team in the designing process.

  5. Finally, the exterior design is what completes the hotel’s success story. Sustainability, viability, environmental, and anthropocentric views are now becoming trending, and they are for sure key factors to the success of the hotel.

What are the professional specialties involved in the designing process of a new hotel?

After analyzing the process of developing a hotel, we now present a brief list of the specialties that will take over the implementation of the project:

  • Hotel Concept Makers: To conduct the research and determine the characteristics and overall strategy of the new hotel.

  • Investment Advisors: To supervise the financing programs, such as the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

  • Architectural Team: To be in charge of the overall format/design of the hotel and issue the relevant licenses.

  • Civil & Mechanical Engineer: To conduct the static and mechanical study and safe specification of the construction.

  • Interior Designer: To attend to the interior design and functionality of the spaces and define the overall feeling.

  • Landscape & Lighting Designers: To design the landscape and outdoor spaces and conduct the architectural study of lighting.

  • Construction Company: To implement the construction of the project until the final delivery.

To conclude:

In countries with a strong touristic profile, the hotel sector is an integral part of the economy, bringing millions of revenue every year. Therefore, the need for a specified strategy since the first stages of hotel designing is highly important if we want to create a successful, unique hotel that will stand out from the competition. A very well-prepared strategic plan is key to involving and coordinating every specialty in a common direction, ensuring the success of the new property.

Lastly, it is important for the investors to feel confident and rely on their chosen partners, as the creation of a new hotel requires team effort. A team that combines experience and diversity of views will form, with the appropriate organization and management, a truly special hotel.



Meet the Destsetters and create a unique Hotel Concept that will help your property stand out from the competition.

Hotel Concept Development is the most upgraded service of Destsetters that aims to create unique hotels, with high-profit opportunities and proper operation, but also with recognizable features that will help them stand out from the competition.

Considering the location of the property, the owners' desires, the competition as well as the relevant demand, we undertake the specification of the characteristics and the strategy of the project, in order to create a signature hotel that meets the needs of travelers and has real profit prospects.

Our team partners with new investors, hoteliers, consulting companies, and architectural teams, providing them with a whole hotel specification that will offer all the necessary research and hotel know-how, identifying the commercial characteristics of the new accommodation and defining the elements of its strategy, which should be reflected in the designing and concept of the property, striving to create a successful business.



Nikos S. Morantis

Founder & Strategy Specialist

Working closely with Hoteliers from all over the world, examining their needs, but also constantly studying the latest digital marketing techniques applied in the global travel market, Nikos has the pleasure to develop some of the most promising tourism projects, always having open horizons in new challenges.



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