• Destsetters Team

Hotel Upselling Masterclass - SuitePad & Destsetters: Increase of Sales in Hotels

The globally acclaimed Hotel Technology brand SuitePad, invites Zenios Zeniou, co-founder and Hotel Concept Maker at Destsetters, for a specialized webinar around the latest upselling techniques for Hotels.

Watching closely the latest trends and evolutions in the global Hotel market, and taking into consideration the new operation guidelines for Hotels that are shaped in our days, Destsetters collaborates with SuitePad, for a specialized Hotel Upselling Masterclass. Destsetters’ important experience in the field of hotel concept specification and development, meets SuitePad’s expertise in Digital Guest Communication via hand-held devices (tablets), and present the special webinar “Hotel Upselling Masterclass – New ways for dynamic in-hotel communication that will boost your revenue”. The Webinar will take place on June 10, 2020, at 4:00 pm CEST. In order to watch it, you only need to Register following the below link:


The webinar will cover the below topics:

  • Smart tips: Understanding upselling opportunities for each stage of the guest journey, including before arrival.

  • Ways to increase your hotel restaurant and spa sales via digital and physical in-room and in-hotel communication.

  • How the interconnection of services within your hotel can help increase revenue.

  • How digital in-room communication solutions like SuitePad can help you to increase sales, but also enhance your guests’ loyalty and improve their reviews.