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Converting two Villas in the Ionian into a Signature Hospitality Brand

With villas being the "next best thing" in the Global Tourism Market, Destsetters presents the process of converting two villas in the Ionian, from stand-alone accommodation to a mini-chain of a newly established Hospitality Villa Brand, changing their course and prospects through photography with a strategic approach, in collaboration with the leading Hotel & Travel Experience Photographer, Christos Drazos.

After the very successful villa project "Life in the Aegean Gardens" for Diles & Rinies in Tinos, the team of Destsetters collaborates again with Christos Drazos and visits the Ionian Sea, aiming this time to change the course of two autonomous Villas, developing a strategic plan that will set them apart from local competition, will give new features to their operation, but will also strengthen their revenue streams. Combining the experience of Hotel Concept Making with the Digital Strategy of a Hotel, Destsetters creates a newly established Brand, the "Spiritual Living Corfu", in which it integrates the two autonomous properties, thus defining their new course on the Tourist Map, but also ensuring all those elements that will enhance their overall sales.

Spiritual Living Corfu: The first multi-property Villa Brand

With the newly established Signature Brand, “Spiritual Living Corfu | Design Villas & Wellness Experiences ”, a new, original villa chain is created, which includes the themed designed villas “The Architect’s Villa” & “The Editor’s Villa”. The two villas host a series of common services and experiences that fit their new concept, emphasizing wellness and casual luxury. The "Spiritual Living Corfu", however, turns into something more than a simple Villa Brand that only concerns Villa Guests. Hosting a dynamic concierge department, it collaborates with the best providers of local experiences and activities, forming a special proposal for travelers in the area.

Describing, therefore, the overall strategy of the Brand and recording its needs in terms of photos and communication, Destsetters collaborates with the top Hotel & Travel Experience Photographer, Christos Drazos, in order to highlight the new direction of the villas, but also to create a "model" in relation to the new way of presenting the Villas. The complete image of the new Brand “Spiritual Living Corfu | Design Villas & Wellness Experiences” will be fully launched at the end of September, while his team presents for the first time images from his new photoshoot.

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What was the procedure followed for the Photo Shooting of the new Brand?

  1. First, the overall Brand Concept was analyzed in collaboration with the owners, and the reference points in the communication plan were recorded.

  2. Then, the initial Brief was discussed with the team of Destsetters and Christos Drazos, and the photo shooting mood boards were studied.

  3. Then, the final shots and the final points were determined on the spot.

  4. Finally, during the process of photo shooting, new signature images emerged but also the existing ones were enriched, always with the guidance of the photographer.

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