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Brand Strategy for a website that offers luxury villas & unique experiences in Crete

Promote your villa to travelers & travel agents looking for villas in Crete with Holiways Crete.

Project Info

Year of Project:




What we did for this project


Graphic Design of the Website with modern User Experience specifications that lead to increased conversion (with a strict "Mobile First" philosophy according to the recommendations of Google) and a proposal for the integration of hotel technologies that increase sales prospects.


Strategic determination of the structure and organization of the content of the official website (sitemap) according to the characteristics of the company and the Targeted audience.


Specification of all the necessary types of pages of the hotel website as well as the content sections, aiming at the effective communication to the hoteliers and an efficient user experience.


Development of website texting as well as any additional texts that will be required, so that the SEO specifications for all sections of the website are met, in a language of your choice. Copywriting also includes the meta data of each page that has been specified, in order to target the right keywords in order to appear in the organic results, having chances for high CTR.


Online Searches & Main Keywords: Research of online searches in relation to the object of the company as well as the online presence of the competition, in order to record the trends, prospects and opportunities, with relevant conclusions on them and the company's strategy. Also included is the selection of keywords that should be used throughout the brand communication, so as to reach quality audiences and enhance both the SEO character of its content and its Marketing.

  • Strategy Guidelines: Proposal of an annual strategic plan, in order to develop the brand dynamically in the Hotel Market according to the services it provides and the market trends.

  • Brand Tagline: The 'idea' of the brand concept in a proposal, which summarizes all the rationale and describes the service, and is used throughout the communication of the organization.

  • Brand Promise: The 'promise' the company gives to Hoteliers. In other words, the summary of the prescribed brand concept in a short text that will be used both in its direct communication and in third media.

  • Brand Pillars: The pillars around which the concept has been developed. Brand pillars are important components of the brand and in combination with the other elements are a guide for third parties.

  • Corporate Presentation: Design and development of content for the presentation of your company's sales department.

  • Offer templates: Design and set up Template for sending your company bids.

  • Google Ads & Facebook Ad Templates: Set up Ad Templates on Google and Facebook, targeting the most powerful Keywords in our survey, with the goal of increasing ROI in Hotel campaigns.

  • Setting up Social Media Accounts & Google My Business: Setting up Facebook & Instagram profiles according to the company's communication concept and the keywords that will be selected for its basic promotion.

Hotel Concept at a Glance

Photos or 3D Renders

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