Some dishes you should try in Phuket

Some dishes you should try in Phuket Date:

Thai cuisine is widely recognised for its usage of a wide diversity of ingredients, its intense colours and mild but unique tastes. If you want to take a taste of the local original cuisine but also of international recipes influenced by the local culinary practices and techniques then you should definitely visit Phuket. Here are the best dishes that anyone should try during his trip in Phuket:

  1.  Tom Yam Goong - It's basically the mix of two favorite Thai recipes - spice prawn & sour soup - and one of the most beloved dishes by the locals. There are several variations of the Tom Yam recipe like Tom Yam Gai (Chicken), Tom Yam Talai (Seafood) and Tom Yam Kradook Moo (Pork Ribs). The basic recipe, though, consists of red chili pepper, coconut milk, mushrooms, herbs and other spices. It's a burning hot recipe that any lovers of spicier foods would worship!!! 

  2. Pad Thai - If you have ever visited an international restaurant or a restaurant with Asian/Thai cuisine, then you surely have heard about Pad Thai before. Pad Thai is one of the signature dishes of the Thai but also Asian cuisine but you have to taste it in Phuket to understand its real value of taste. There are plenty variations of this exquisite dish but the most popular consists of noodles dressed with tofu, bean sprouts, onion and grounded peanuts.

  3. Mee Hokkien Noodle Soup - This dish might be very simple and easy to make but it has become one of the major reasons for someone to come back in Thailand. This delicacy consists of yellow fried noodles, prawns, pork, squids, egg and bean sprouts and different spices. It's served topped with chilli and lime!

  4. Som Tam - Literally called "spicy papaya salad", Som Tam comes from northeast Thailand but Phuket has literally given the recipe a whole new substance. This recipe is also very flexible, so you might notice many differences on the ingredients used to make it which might change the sweetness or sourness of the dish. Green papaya and heat are the characteristics that give this dish a life. It's perfectly combined with sticky rice or barbequed chicken!

  5. Roti Pancake - We have saved a sweet dish for the end. Roti Pancake is a unique style of sweet pancakes which, contrary to the international known pancakes, also has a filling. The filling is usually several fruits that you choose to accompany your dessert. It's frequently topped with thick coconut milk or a big ball of ice cream and many hawkers sell it on the streets!


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