Top Places to Eat the Best Food in Phuket

Top Places to Eat the Best Food in Phuket Date:

Due to the fact that there are many food shops owned by foreigners in Phuket, the local cuisine has gained a more cosmopolitan nature. Of course, all the beloved Thai recipes are still available to try anytime you want, while a particular emphasis is given on the seafood. Following, you will find the best areas to eat in the island:


Patong - The city of Patong has the biggest diversity of International cuisines such as French, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese etc. while it has some of the best restaurants to taste the Thai Culinary Tradition. The prices might be a bit higher than you would expect of a city in Thailand, but it's surely worth it.

Chalong - Chalong Bay has pretty much every type of restaurant that you could think of. Here you can find delicious and cheap Thai dishes, as well as restaurants with international cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, Indian, American etc. It also boasts of having some of the best Thai Seafood waterfront restaurants in the island.

Karon - 
There is a good diversity of restaurants in Karon, most of which located alongside the beach front road. The area has some very good traditional Thai Cuisine options, but the majority of the restaurants seem to serve dishes heavily influenced by the Scandinavian Cuisine.

Bang Thao - For the absolute culinary experience, there is a big diversity of high-quality restaurants which might be a bit expensive but they are definitely worth to visit. If you insist on a more budget-friendly solution, there are some small traditional Thai restaurants on the beach offering cheap but still delicious local dishes. 

Rawai - The food opportunities in the village of Rawai might not be many, but they are very good. There are some very good restaurants in the area serving delicious Thai dishes, while there are a couple restaurants which serve international cuisine.

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