Belgium claims the title of the finest European Cuisine

Belgium claims the title of the finest European Cuisine Date:


  • Traditional Belgian cuisine prefers regional and seasonal ingredients like potatoes, leeks, gray shrimp and white asparagus. If you want to try Belgian food, then opt for Waterzoi, a stew made either with fish or chicken. Do not forget to taste mussels accompanied by the famous Belgian fries!
  • Belgium is well-known abroad mainly for three things: waffles, chocolates and beers. 
  • Belgium Waffles: Choose among the Liège waffle, Brussels waffle or the Stroopwafel and enjoy your Belgian treat!
  • Belgium Chocolates: The Belgian chocolate industry offered to the world both the chocolate bar and praline. Choose your favourite Belgian chocolate or just take part in a chocolate tour!
  • Belgium beers: A huge variety is waiting for you: wheat beer, blonde or tripel beer, dubbel or other dark beers. And for the beer lovers, join a beer tour!

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