Koh Samui | An ideal place to spend your romantic Gay honeymoon!

Koh Samui | An ideal place to spend your romantic Gay honeymoon! Date:

The alternative nature of Koh Samui as a destination, combined with the high level of gay acceptance, more and more gay couples seem to be interested in visiting it every year. The island is literally packed with romantic activities which are going to set ablaze your love again. Here are the top activities in Koh Samui to do, especially for our wooing couples & honeymooners:


  1. Dinner by the beach - What's better than tasting the delicious and colorful Thai cuisine with an idyllic setting by the beach?! Enjoy your dinner in the afternoon accompanied by a magical sunset view and a rich flavored wine. The more daring couples could enjoy their dinner on the beach, a unique experience offered by few hotels.

  2. Massage Therapy - For generations, Thai people expertise in the aspects of wellness & rejuvenation developing techniques to achieve total relaxation. In Koh Samui, you are about to find some of the very best spa & relaxation centers in the whole country. Don't be shy and treat yourself & your partner an unforgettable spa experience!

  3. Stay in a Luxury Hotel - Well, the importance of good a hotel grows bigger every year, especially in alternative destinations like Thailand. The hotels in Koh Samui try their best to create an environment that will satisfy all your needs by creating a complete experience within the hotel. Here is a list with the best hotels in Koh Samui to stay during your romantic vacations!

  4. Do Activities in Nature - The vast and vivid natural environment of Koh Samui gives you plenty opportunities for outdoor activities in sea or land. Go trekking in the tropical forests of the island and find several idyllic caves & waterfalls to explore alone with your partner. The braver ones can try hiking up Koh Wua Talap island.

  5. Dance in the Full-Moon Parties - Koh Phangan is a neighboring island of Koh Samui, which is known as the partying capital of Asia. Dancing in the full-moon parties on the beach is an essential experience to live as a couple that you will always remember. It's high time you found yourself dancing with people from all around the world under a starry sky.

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