Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich and other Beautiful lakes in Switzerland!

Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich and other Beautiful lakes in Switzerland! Date:

There are several thousand lakes in Switzerland, estimated to be more than 7000, among of which, 103 are more than 30 hectares wide, 58 are more than 1km, 17 are over 10km and 5 are more than 100km. The Swiss lakes are surely a great addition to the overall beauty of the country, creating magical landscapes ideal for breathtaking photos. Here are the largest lakes in Switzerland:

  1. Lake Geneva - Also known as the glacial lake, Lake Geneva is the biggest lake in Switzerland. Its second name, as the glacial lake, comes from the fact that there are two glacier formations in the lake, with the biggest one being more than 3700m high. It's a very popular tourist resort, so it's easily accessible by almost every part of the world. There are several sports that you can do in the lake like rowing, boating and sailing. (Google Coordinates)

  2. Lake Neuchatel - For breathtaking and recreational holidays in Switzerland, you should definitely choose Lake Neuchatel; with its peaceful atmosphere and gentle waves creating a very relaxing environment. The surrounding area of the lake is packed with several entertainment options like horse-riding, themed parks, health clubs, skiing resorts etc. It's also a great wine production area, producing excellent wines like rose Oeil-de-Perdix and the white Non Filtr. (Google Coordinates)

  3. Lake Zurich - Located at the southeastern side of Zurich, it's one of the most visited lakes in Switzerland. Its crystal-clear waters make it perfect for swimming, that's why it's one of the most beloved activities to do in this lake. The lake's region is also amazing for mountain biking tours, skating trips, hiking and challenging walking trails. There are also guided tours for families and small groups! (Google Coordinates)

  4. Lake Thun - This lake is the best one for extreme sports, featuring special slopes for downhill cycling and other sports opportunities such as canyoning, rafting, wake boarding, sailing and skiing. Aqua biking is also another interesting sport to try. In addition to the sports, you should definitely explore the museums, castles and galleries of the area.
    (Google Coordinates)

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