The top sights you must discover in Switzerland

The top sights you must discover in Switzerland Date:

Popular for its clocks, mountains, lakes, chocolate, cheese and the picturesque Alps, Switzerland has some pretty amazing natural features. Here are the best tourist attractions to see when you are in Switzerland:

  1. Matterhorn - It's an iconic emblem of the Swiss Alps with a name that derives from the German words Matte and Horn which means Meadow Peak. It's situated on the border between Switzerland and Italy, having one of the highest and deadliest peaks in the Alps. Its faces are steep and only small patches of snow and ice cling to them.

  2. Chateau de Chillon - Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, this water castle stands there monitoring the water freight on the lake as well as guarding the land route to St Bernhard Pass for over 4 centuries now. The architecture of the castle derives from the 14th century, featuring  25 separate buildings with three courtyards, subterranean vaults and two circular walls. It can be rented for private weddings!

  3. Jungfraujoch - It's a col in the Bernese Alps only accessible by railway. There you can enjoy breathtaking views to mountain summits like Eiger, Monch or the large Eiger Glacier situated below them. One of the highest astronomical sighting stations is situated there too, The Sphinx observatory. There are no hotels to stay at night but the experience is unforgettable!

  4. Chapel Bridge - It's a 204-meter long bridge crossing the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne. It was constructed in 1333 and was designed to help the protection of the city Lucerne from attacks. It's the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe and one of the major tourist attractions of Switzerland. There is a range of paintings from the 17th century, showcasing events from Lucerne's history.

  5. Zytglogge - The clock tower gate is the oldest city gate in the city of Bern, built in 1100. It's decorated by one of the most spectacular and oldest clocks in the world, built in 1530. The tower has an astronomical clock, figurines, hours chimes and two tower clocks which all work with the same mechanism. It's one of the reasons why Switzerland is regarded as one of the premiere clock making countries of the world.

  6. Grindelwald - It's the largest ski resort town in the Jungfrau region that is popular both in winter and summer. The winter visitors can try skiing and local toboggan run while the summer visitors can enjoy some of the best climbing locations in Europe as well as outstanding hiking trails.

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