Best Period to Visit Bern, Lucerne, Zurich and other Major Swiss Destinations!

Best Period to Visit Bern, Lucerne, Zurich and other Major Swiss Destinations! Date:

Switzerland is a small and amazing country to visit full of magnificent landscapes which will definitely charm you. Wherever you find yourself in this magnificent country, you will only find more reasons to love it. Due to the heavy influence of the Alps, Switzerland has a various climate, naturally the mountains being the coldest areas during winter. Here are 5 cities with the best environment and the best period to visit them:

  1. Bern Bern is a graphical medieval town with a history that stretches to the 12th century. The warmest months are from late May to Early September with a temperature ranging from 18 to 25 Celsius. These months are particularly rainy. The coldest period starts from late November to Early April.

  2. Lucerne Regarded as one of the prettiest cities to visit in the world, Lucerne has it all: vivid life, a lake and magical mountain views. The warmest season starts between Mid-May to Early-September, although rains are more frequent these months. The winter season starts from November to March, when it doesn't rain so much.

  3. Zermatt is a small and very cold town that is particularly popular for skiing and mountaineering. The "warmer" season starts in Mid-May and ends in Early September, even though the temperature doesn't exceed the 20 celsius. The colder months are December to March when the temperature hits 1 celsius. Compared to the other cities, the rain levels are pretty low!

  4. Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland peaks the interest of the travel not only for its excessive beauty but also for its big archaeological value. The warmest season starts from May to Early-September while these months are the rainiest ones too. The coldest months are from Late-November to March.

  5. Geneva is the city that every environmental traveler would enjoy visiting as it's very eco-friendly and 20% of its land are, actually, parks. The hottest months are from May to September while the coldest season starts from late-November to Early-March. Generally, the rain levels are pretty low but the rainiest months are September and October.


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