Switzerland: among the most favorite gay destinations for skiing!

Switzerland: among the most favorite gay destinations for skiing! Date:

Gay Rights
Switzerland is considered a gay-friendly destination, however, a significant difference is being noted between the several cities and the countryside. A strong presence of the LGBT community with an extended scope of gay and lesbian subculture can be found in Zurich and Geneva and secondarily in the centers of Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Lausanne and St. Gallen.

Zurich & Grevena
For an intense gay holiday experience, you should definitely visit Zurich and Geneva, where the gay scene is centered. Gay and lesbian friendly hotels are available, making your stay more comfortable and relaxed. Additionally, an abundance of gay bars, clubs, cafés, restaurants, saunas and gay-oriented organizations can be found in both cities, however, Geneva is considered a bit calmer. In this gay and lesbian welcoming city, you can find both gay-friendly bars and clubs and exclusively gay ones, most of them being easily accessible, as they are located in the Old City.

, on the other hand, is considered to be the gay and lesbian capital, a fact which is also highlighted by the election of a lesbian mayor. Apart from the numerous Gay & Lesbian venues, you can also find an interesting queer calendar with different events. The most popular ones are the Zurich Pride Festival in June with parties, open-air bars and a vibrant march across the city, as well as Pink Apple Film Festival between April and May with gay and lesbian films from all over the world. Regardless of the type of entertainment you prefer, you can be sure that Zurich has it all - from unwinding gay bars to a more wild aspect of nightlife. 

Gay Events
There are several marvelous events and festivals taking place in Switzerland. The most famous ones are: 
Arosa Gay Ski Week happens every year in different locations while it's considered one of the biggest Gay and Lesbian winter events in Europe!
Pride 2013 Fribourg which is quite unknown if it continues or not!
Jungle Gay Mousse Party is the most successful gay party in the country!
Zurich Pride Festival is definitely the most successful Gay Pride in Switzerland and gathers millions of people annually!

Online Gay Chatting

The most popular platforms are Planetromeo, Gaynet.ch, Purplemoon and Grindr


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