Learn What Makes Foodies Love Portugal!

Learn What Makes Foodies Love Portugal! Date:

Portugal has a rich culinary tradition which dates really back in time. Portuguese cuisine is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean Sea while it is linked mainly with seafood. In addition to the outstanding gastronomic culture, Portugal is also popular for its excellent wine production. Below, you will find the DOs and DONTs regarding food travel in Portugal:

  • If you want to obtain a more general view of the Portuguese culinary tradition, then you should go on a food tour. The culinary tours in Portugal usually take place in several cities and towns and they introduce you thoroughly to the Portuguese cuisine!

  • For dessert, you should try the local sweets Doce Fino do Algarve which are actually small treats sculpted in different forms like animals, fruits etc. They are made from almond paste and they are part of a tradition that dates back to ancient times.

  • Portugal is defined by its excellent wine production so you should definitely try some of its wines. Perfect choices to try as many wines as possible are either taking a wine-culinary tour or paying a visiting at a wine bar in the city you are staying. The best wine bars can be found in Lisbon and Madeira!!!

  • If you are a foodie who wants to be provided with many food options, then you should visit Lisbon, Porto or Madeira. These regions offer the widest diversity of restaurants serving local and international dishes!

  • Eat Pastel del Belem ~ This recipe represented Portugal at the EU food event in 2006 and it literally stole the heart of every foodie who tasted it. They are actually small and sweet egg tarts sprinkled with cinnamon and powder sugar.

  • Do not try Frango Piri Piri if you are not accustomed to spicy tastes. This burning hot dish consists of chicken, garlic, oil, white vinegar and many Piri Piri chilly peppers while it usually matures for about 10 weeks...

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