Eat to your Heart's Content in the Ionian Islands

Eat to your Heart's Content in the Ionian Islands Date:

The cuisine of the Ionian Islands is pretty unique and different from the other parts of Greece. The long-time Venetian domination on the islands and their close proximity to Italy influence significantly the local culinary tradition, more than the other parts of Greece. That, of course, doesn't mean that the Greek culture isn't prominent here. Contrary, in the Ionian Islands, Italian cuisine blends in harmony with the Greek tradition resulting in the creation of a truly admirable result.

The scenery of the Ionian Islands will also add up greatly to your overall culinary experience as the ambient atmosphere recreated in these islands is truly unforgettable. Find below more information about the food opportunities in the Ionian Islands:


Zakynthos: Live a memorable food adventure on the magical island of Zakynthos. Being an island with a rich food culture, Zakynthos will provide you with plenty eating out options whether you want to try traditional Greek cuisine or international gourmet dishes. There is a wide range of local dishes that you should try like "Sartsa" or "skordostoumbi". The basic ingredients that you will find in a traditional meal at a Skiathos restaurant are olive oil, honey, olives, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. Furthermore, we would recommend you to accompany your meals with traditional "starters" like tzatziki or kafteri and taste "mandolato" a very healthy local dessert. Learn more the Food Culture of Zakynthos here>>

Corfu: Did you know that the trademark of Corfu Island is the glorious olive tree? Indeed, that's due the fact that olive oil is the main ingredient in almost all of the local recipes. Corfu is among the major islands to visit in the Ionian if you want to live a true culinary experience. Pastitsada, Sofrito and Bourtheto are some of the local recipes that you are going to adore. Do not forget to drink kumquat liqueur, a traditional alcoholic drink that easily represents the food tradition of Corfu. Explore the Culinary Tradition of Corfu>>

Kefalonia: During your trip in Kefalonia, do not miss to taste the local cuisine. The local cuisine of Kefalonia is pretty vast and tasteful. The basic local ingredients you might meet in the majority of the local dishes are olive oil, fish and cheese. A local delicacy you should definitely try is Gyros, as Kefalonia is known to be one of the best islands to visit this Greek delicacy. We would also recommend you to accompany your meals with starters like tzatziki, taramosalata, melitzanosalata etc. The most popular drinks in Kefalonia are Ouzo and Wine which usually accompany the meals. Take a Taste of the Local Cuisine of Kefalonia>>

Paxoi Islands: Paxos Island is the smallest of all the Ionian Islands and the food opportunities are naturally limited. Nevertheless, it's a very picturesque island and the olive groves will definitely charm you, so be sure to take a walk at the beautiful nature of the island while enjoying the breeze and the aromas of Greek nature. In Loggos, you will find a wide course of fish taverns that will welcome you with fresh and delicious fish. Find Tips about Gastronomy in Paxoi Islands>>

Lefkada: Due to the climate of Lefkada, it has a wide production of high-quality agricultural products like olive oil, citrus, honey (made by thyme), grapes and wine. In the island of Lefkada, you will be given a wide range of places to dine ranging from small taverns to restaurants. The best local delicacies to try in Lefkada are spicy sausages and salamis, savoro, aliada, sweet snacks like pasteli or madolato and the traditional olive oil pie (ladopita). It is also the home of Bertzami, the best wine in Greece. You should also try local liquors like rosoli, mint and rose or soumada. 

Kythera: The island of Kythera is known for its authentic and tasteful cuisine, rich with flavors and aromas. Each meal here is like a little feast and the tavernas have a cozy atmosphere that will make you feel very pleasant. The local honey in Kythira is said to be one of the best in Greece and every tourist takes a couple of jars with him when leaving. There is also a delicious local sweet drink called fatourada and made of honey and cinnamon. Read More about the Local Cuisine of Kythera>>

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