Unforgettable luxurious holidays in Ionian Islands

Unforgettable luxurious holidays in Ionian Islands Date:

Luxuriate yourself in the Ionian Islands: sail at the exquisite turquoise waters of these sublime stretches of Greece and stay at secluded luxury villas with terraced gardens and unobstructed sea views.

The majestically landscapes of these turquoise-and-green islands combined with the unrivaled sunsets and the white sandy or pebbly beaches promise to create unforgettable holiday memories.


In Ionian Bay the sun goes down in a magical way


If you are a sunset lover, then the luxury hotels and beachfront resorts in the west side of the Ionian islands will fulfil even your most demanding expectations. It is almost impossible to spend a day without admiring the setting of the sun below the dark waters of western horizon.  Sometimes the sky bursts from the vibrant colors of red and orange, while some other days, a vivid pink color takes over the sky alongside unshaped chaotic clouds creating an extraterrestrial scenery that you may experience nowhere else.


Experience perfect sailing conditions in Ionian by chartering a luxury superyacht


The main islands are Corfu (Kerkyra), Cephalonia (Kefallinia, Kefalonia), Ithaca (Ithaki), Lefkas (Lefkada), Paxos (Paxi), Zante (Zakinthos), and Kithira. The weather patterns in Ionian Islands are predictable and create an ideal destination for sailing enthousiastics. As these sunny islands are actually the tips of a submerged limestone mountain range, it is really enjoyable to meander among them, explore mystic caves and dive into the crystal clear blue waters.


Corfu – An idyllic Destination




Corfu is a cosmopolitan destination in the northern part of the Ionian islands group. Crystal blue waters, golden beaches and charming villages promise to travel you back to the renowned past of this picturesque isle. Don’t miss to visit Paleokastritsa, Sidari, Kassiopi and Acharavi that are beautiful tourist places on the northern side of the island.


There are many beachfront hotels and resorts that offer breathtaking view of the Ionian Bay and luxurious villas where you may enjoy almost private swimming in the sea since some beaches are accessible only from the villa or by sea. In Corfu Town you will find a wide variety of luxury hotels, boutique apartments, and suites, often in restored old mansions.


In Corfu Town, which is the Old Town with the characteristic Venetian style known in modern Greek as Kerkira or Kerkyra, you can stroll the charming streets and discover unique shopping opportunities. As it is the largest town of the island, it is there where the airport is located and many cruises ships dock.


Paxi – Visit the smallest of the Ionian Islands




Paxi is a peaceful island covered in olive and pine trees and is lying just 11 km from the southernmost tip of Corfu.  It is an ideal isle for luxury vacations in a yacht as there are many that moor in its port in the summer given it a cosmopolitan air.


While it is so small and can be explored within few hours even without the aid of a bike, its tranquil beaches and bays combined with the dry-stone paths and the shades from twisted olive trees, some of them hundreds of years old, will fascinate you.


While Paxi is more an alternative holiday destination, there are luxury options for luxury travelers like beachfront villas and luxury hotels with amazing sea view and direct access to the beach. Otherwise if you have a boat, bear in mind that it is a sensational coastline to explore with breathtaking grottoes, cliffs and beaches. And, of course, don’t miss to visit the islet of Antipaxi which can be visited by boat from the port of Gaios, the capital of Paxi Greece.


As for shopping, feel the serenity in Paxi and go for shopping in the cosmopolitan Corfu!





Lefkada is different among the other Ionian Islands since it is the only one that is accessible by car as it is linked with the rest of Greece by road through a floating bridge.


It is most known for the unrivaled beauty of its beaches on the western coast of Lefkada Greece, particularly Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma. While most of its beaches are accessible by car, there are some that you can get there only by boat. So it is highly recommended to rent a luxury yacht if you don’t own one and indulge in this blue-and-green scenery to experience the hidden beaches and caves. July is the best month to explore the coastal areas as in August the sea tends to be extremely wild.


Luxury hotels or private villas with a pool and amazing sea view will be the ideal choice for the most luxury holidays in Lefkada.


In Town of Lefkada you will find adequate shops with luxury unique jewelry and clothes and more with traditional products and souvenirs.


Ithaca - The mythical island of Odysseus



Ithaca is the second-smallest of the seven main Ionian Islands, after Paxi and is an ideal travel destination for romantic couples and families who escape to recharge. It is you are more active, then a day trip to Ithaca from Kefalonia may be more suitable for you.


In Ithaka you will enjoy the peaceful environment and swimming in tranquil sea waters, you may also stroll along the charming paths and taste traditional food in fish taverns. As the air is unpolluted don’t miss to enjoy the spectacular view to the night sky. In Ithaca you will find sleek boutique hotels and luxury rooms to stay but as it is a small island make sure that you will have book your luxury holidays on Odysseus' mythical island months before your vacations.







Welcome to the largest island of the Ionian Bay that is located between Lefkada and Zante! It is a very picturesque destination and famous for its exotic beaches including Myrtos, Antisamos, Lourdas and Skala. Fiscardo is the most cosmopolitan resort of the isle with a port that receives many yachts every summer.


While most of the accommodations in Kefalonia are family and traditional venues, there are also plentiful luxury hotels and villas with private pool and amazing sea view for luxury travelers.


As for shopping, you may stroll along the pedestrian street (Lithostroto) in the town of Argostoli, where you will find traditional artcrafts of Kefalonia, jewelry shops, items from leather and olive wood and some worldwide brand stores.






Zakynthos, or Zante, thanks to its rich nightlife and beautiful beaches is among the most popular islands of the Ionian Sea.


It is also known for the soft sand beaches Vassilikos, Gerakas, Spiantza where the loggerhead sea turtle “Caretta-Caretta” lay its eggs. Compared to the other Ionian Islands, most beaches in Zakynthos are pebbly but in the beach Navagio, the most famous beach in the world, you will find a golden sand beach with clear blue waters.


In Zakynthos you will find many luxury hotels to stay, but for you who prefer more privacy you will find plenty of villas for rent that promise to make your holidays unforgettable.


Also, in Town of Zakynthos you will find several shopping opportunities from traditional and handmade items to more commercial like jewels, clothes, shoes, handbags & arts.





Kythira, is located in the southern side of Peloponnese, and while it is far from the other Ionian Islands, its traditional culture was the reason to be considered as part of the Ionian Sea.


In Kythira, you will find a medieval atmosphere and unorganized beaches. Admire the Venetian architecture of the town and take a tour to the island as it has many mountainous villages, abandoned places, hidden beaches and monasteries.


While Kythira has adequate accommodation options, you may not find many large resorts. Although there are some private villas with swimming pool and sea view and hotels with luxury facilities.


In Kythira you will find adequate local shops, where you can buy traditional products as well as find brand names of various goods and items.


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