Tourism Startups Creation


Destsetters collaborates with new entrepreneurs who have a fresh and innovative idea and wish to transform it into a dynamic and successful startup. In addition, Destsetters works with already established companies that want to build a completely new startup, in order to develop a new product or service. 

Adding to the main Destsetters services (concept development, online & communication strategy specification, content development etc), our experts help the new startups make the right investments, that will help them grow fast and penetrate the targeted market more easily.

What we always make sure of, is to locate and focus on the differentiating characteristics of the new Startup, that will gain the market’s interest directly.


What we do:

  • Examine and evaluate the current competition with similar products or services.

  • Study the desired target groups and determine whether the features of the new startup will satisfy the audience.

  • Conduct the Concept Manual, which documents all those details and characteristics that will make the new startup stand out and become a 'case-study’ example.

  • Plan and make an initial set-up of the startup’s online positioning and branding (supervising the website design and development, social media accounts set-up, media platforms presence etc).

  • Determine the initial online and offline strategy that need to be followed, in order for the new startup to penetrate the desired market more easily and effectively.



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January 2012 — Present

For this innovative startup, Destsetters studied the needs of the tourism and travel industries and created a platform that targeted travellers based on specific and popular travel interests (Gay, Luxury, Food, Wellness). 

The hotels are promoted through original and impressive content, which is always 'bookable’ (meaning that the hotel’s official booking engine is integrated in each piece of content). 

In its latest update (to be released in Nov. 2018), Travel by Interest will gather the hotels into themed collections, narrowing the choices and making the hotel market research for the travellers much more easy and specific.

Revenue Sources:

  • Search campaigns: For Hotels that want to be presented and promoted within the platform.

  • Dedicated articles/special content: For Hotels that want to develop unique and exclusive SEO-friendly content, with back links and integrated booking engine.

  • Sponsored collections: For Hotels that want to be on the top of the list within dynamic hotel collections.

  • Advertising opportunities: For companies that want to be featured within the pages, either in the form of advertising banners, or through dynamic widgets with a 'search to get instant results' functionality.

May 2016 — Present

The need of the global hoteliers for a platform that would provide knowledge and education, led Destsetters in the development of Hotelier Academy. This interactive and dynamic media platform, offers a rare opportunity to hoteliers for finding useful articles with tips, advice, knowledge and inspiration, that help them improve their business and operation.

Revenue Sources:

  • Dedicated Hotel Story articles: For Hotels that want to be presented by a trustworthy network to the international travel market.

  • Dedicated 'Training Topic' articles: For companies that want to share their knowledge and expertise with the global travel market, providing tips and advice through their own products or services.

  • 'Branded’ or 'Sponsored' articles: For companies that wish to be presented within specific articles, either in the form of advertising banners or with special sponsored content.